As much fun as the Ordnance System is...

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User Info: jamejame

4 years ago#1
I feel like it's what's ruining this game. While this is true of any online game, I've noticed an inane amount of campers. Now, don't get me wrong, camping is a legitimate tactic in my eyes, but when you're just sitting in one area of the map with your entire team, with a few members crouching around corners and cloaking (this happened to me a good amount last night), then you're just lame. And unfortunately, this game encourages it. Why go for the power weapons on map when some kills will get me my power weapon, and I can continue being a ***** with my team? Yes, a lot of it comes down to the skill of your team as well, but if you're playign with randoms not using mics, you don't stand a chance against an enemy camping team. Hell, they'll supply them more easy power weapons by nature of running into their camp spots and trying to take them out, and it just doesn't happen. It's just disappointing because it harkens to the CoD mindset of gameplay, rather than past Halos.

I still love the game though, and thankfully the Ordnance system appears to only be in a few game modes, so it's not all bad.

User Info: GhosTim

4 years ago#2
While what your saying makes sense, previous halo games had the power weapons spawn in the same spots every time encouraging even more camping.

User Info: SimplyQuid

4 years ago#3
So simply draw them out of hiding. Don't rush into what you know is a blatant trap in order to build up kills for Ord Drops. If you starve them of kills, they can't get drops and the entire plan goes to hell.

Play smart.

User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#4
Well made maps in previous Halos didn't put power weapon spawns in power positions, though. Generally, the only power weapon that should spawn in a power position is the one that is hardest to use, such as the sniper.
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User Info: ox0shadow0xo

4 years ago#5
I haven't experienced any camping teams yet. What modes are you playing? The worst I get are those people that end up with 2 kills and 30 deaths lol. Never any camping teams so far.
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