Finally Got A Fotus Code!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: Donuts_R_Good

4 years ago#11
I've got a 14-day trial and 10 matches of double XP. I'll trade for the Fotus if you'd like.
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Started November 2nd, 2011.

User Info: Veggie15

4 years ago#12
Hunter2hunted posted...
Congrats, you received a code for armor that adds a footlong target to your forehead. Have fun with it.

It's not part if the hitbox you idiot
Jumping feet first into hell isn't your job.
Making sure it's crowded when you get there is.

User Info: ZGMF-X09A

4 years ago#13
fffez posted...
From: ZGMF-X09A | Posted: 11/11/2012 10:57:02 AM | #009
How about you trade me your FOTUS in game armor code for my 2 14 day Xboxlive trial cards?.

I LOVE FOTUS so much and I want to fight as a unicorn!.

give it up guy

Nope. No one and nothing can or will make me.

I WILL finish the quest to find the FOTUS and bask in it's glory and awesomeness.
I wish I had FOTUS armor.....I want to fight as a Unicorn!.

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

4 years ago#14
I want a Fotus now :-(

Oh well , at least someone likes the avatars I gave out a few days ago

User Info: LtCmdrShepard

4 years ago#15
Watch out guys, i think TC is a scammer
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#16
I'm curious, does the horn actually have a hitbox? I would laugh my ass off if someone ducked behind cover and their horn was sticking out, only to get riddled by bullets hahaha
"DO YOU EVEN LIFT" - Lionheart Master
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