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This Didact there a bit more background information on him?

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  3. This Didact there a bit more background information on him?

User Info: HighOnPhazon

4 years ago#1
I haven't read the Halo books, but his appearance in the game seems significant and Cortana and Chief act like they knew or know about him like's hes a significant being...but his entrance in the story for me was abrupt and made little sense.

Can someone explain?
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User Info: xboxchamp

4 years ago#2
Referenced in the Terminals in this game and past several games.
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User Info: javobi

4 years ago#3
That wasnt the original didact, just a guy who evolved into him. Read halo cryptum it explains alot about the didact, but in the books he never hated humans as much as in the game
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User Info: thermopylae

4 years ago#4
or go to halopedia for all halo info.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#5
It made little sense to everyone who doesn't know any of the lore outside the 3 game series, which includes me.
But after like 10 minutes of reading and research, the concept isn't all that hard to grasp. Just go check out the wiki on him and the other Forerunners, you're gonna need to to understand this trilogy.
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User Info: White_D3vi1

4 years ago#6
Read Cryptum and Primordium, and the new one when it comes out.
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  3. This Didact there a bit more background information on him?

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