Why do you hate Call of Duty?

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#31
I don't, I happen to like both.
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User Info: OdinFear

4 years ago#32
wouldnt say i hate CoD, but Halos solo is much more connected and they really try to make MP balanced. for the most part.

loved MW. was awesome despite using no mic. played online quite often.

MW2 felt identical to MW1 except the split screen ranking up (and obviously solo story was different). i owned both at the same time and wondered why i bought the same game twice. played online numerous times.

Black Ops felt like it was holding my hand all the way through solo and mp felt the same as every other CoD. briefly played online.

still play WaW with friends. havent played online.

been awhile since ive played any i listed but WaW. so memory may be foggy. but i still have every Halo game.
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User Info: Green Mamba

Green Mamba
4 years ago#33
It's the McDonalds of FPS.

Not saying Halo is some sort of swanky fancy diner, but I think my comparison is apt.
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User Info: TRC-G00SE

4 years ago#34
I dont.

User Info: MeatwadMontana

4 years ago#35
Also I've had terrible experiences of playing 1 V 1 on a large CoD map, and still repeatedly spawning within knife distance of the enemy.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#36
I don't. I think it's great.
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User Info: SpaceCowboyX

4 years ago#37
To me it's the same issue I have with Madden. Great game, but same one every year with minor tweaks, but still sells millions. It makes it harder for new ideas or IPs to get out there and compete, and that starts to commoditize the game industry.
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User Info: Disastersaurus

4 years ago#38
JediBoB101 posted...
Disastersaurus posted...
I've got a lot of reasons I hate COD, but let me just lay out a few to try and keep this readable. Keep in mind, I hate these in EVERY shooter they're in, not just COD, so I'm not trying to be biased.

-Accuracy on weapons. I hate this. I don't like the idea of sustained fire reducing my aim, and I should be able to move at full speed and shoot at the same time. The game shouldn't tell me how accurate I am; every single gun should fire at the exact pixel I aim at. And don't say realism, f*** realism. This is a game. Yes, I hate this in Halo too.

-Slow. The movement speed is ridiculous. No double-jump, no teleporting, no skis, jetpacks...it's awful. There's only two aspects to a shooter, fundamentally: moving and shooting. Why would you neuter half of that?

-Weak characters. People shouldn't die in less than three seconds unless you're using a power weapon. There's no room for battles here, no chance to escape, no thrill of chasing a weakened enemy.

-Boring weapons. Guns and explosives. Wow. There's nothing interesting. Just hitscan bullcrap and boring rockets. I want weapons with interesting effects. Give me projectiles that bounce off walls, guns that shoot through solid objects, spiralling triple rockets, flak cannons...get -creative-, goddamn it.

-No weapon spawns. I don't really like loadouts. Map control is important, and fighting over weapons is fun.

-Cluttered maps. I hate this. I want room to run and jump, not crap getting in the way. Of course, this is a product of that ridiculous reliance on 'cover' the games have, ugh.

Anyway, that's a small fraction of my beefs with the franchise.

Wtf kind of games do you play?? Only thing I can think of that matches any of this is unreal tournament, but that's a product of the past. Welcome to 2012, yes it kind of sucks

And now you know why I'm pissed off about Modern shooters.

However, it's not all bad. I don't need -all- of those things to enjoy a shooter, think of it like 'the more the better'.

Last year had Serious Sam 3, Tribes: Ascend, and Hard Reset. Those were all pretty good.

Borderlands 2 was pretty okay this year.

The problem is there's just no multiplayer shooter ['cept Tribes] that fits these.

However, Halo is the only one that even comes close. Again, besides Tribes. And Tribes is pretty awesome, but I also like having a ranking system. :<
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User Info: _Cyberpunk

4 years ago#39
Iron Sights. I'll never like any FPS that uses them.

User Info: Scoregasmic

4 years ago#40
I don't hate it but I feel like it was a better game when it was a WW2 shooter. BF3 is a far superior modern shooter so I really see no reason for me to play COD.
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