Why do you hate Call of Duty?

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User Info: DSquarius

5 years ago#41
I don't hate it. I just grew tired of buying the same rehashed game every year. It just became boring.

User Info: enigmatic alex

enigmatic alex
5 years ago#42
I don't hate Call of Duty, but rather the awful fanbase that goes with it.
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User Info: MoxRavager

5 years ago#43
I just dislike how fast you die in CoD, even from the weakest weapons. Besides that minor complaint that's really just my opinion I can't find much really nothing wrong with them. All the hate just seems to be more of a fad than anything actually deserving.
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User Info: ChokeStan

5 years ago#44
I don't hate it. I've never really liked the Treyarch editions to begin with, but MW just got stale to me. I've bought every CoD since CoD 2 for the 360 and they just got old after a while. I really don't see why there's so much love for Black Ops 2 though, I thought the first one was trash and it seemed like most other hardcore CoD fans thought the same thing.

Either way, if someone likes Black Ops, I won't insult them, I'm just sitting this one out.

User Info: Crayonmuffin

5 years ago#45
I don't like infinity ward's cods. I like Treyarch's cods. There is a difference. Both are good to me. Win win.

User Info: Grimno

5 years ago#46
I don't hate the game so much as I hate the community that follows it and their obsessive need to compare every shooter/action/RTS/racing/card game to it as if it's the pinnacle of gaming development and everything and their mothers are trying to be like it.
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User Info: Deftallica

5 years ago#47
I like both, but I would like CoD to perhaps take a year off and do something to really redefine the franchise.
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User Info: dehsoo

5 years ago#48
I only play these games because my friends play them. Personally I think these games are only fun when playing with friends. CoD has a better matchmaking online experience to me, while Halo has better custom games stuff.

User Info: Groudon_Uzamaki

5 years ago#49
I dislike CoD because of its bull crap engine.

I don't know how I am supposed to take a game where kids run around spamming automatic weapons killing you at first sight. It is just as someone said about you just die absurdly too fast. I don't know how strategy can even exist when as soon as someone finds you before you find them you are dead. The games feel like mostly random chance.
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User Info: darkranger94

5 years ago#50
i don't hate call of duty it's the fact that i hate the people who keep crying and raging every time they die
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