Why do you hate Call of Duty?

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User Info: Nezu Chiza

Nezu Chiza
5 years ago#71
I like both, they play differently and, being human, I can like more than one thing at a time.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
5 years ago#72
Because the series is afraid to evolve, and they make too many of them too frequently. Each game isn't much different than the last, just with a slightly new coat of paint, some different weapons and maps, and that's it. Black Ops 2 went in the right direction by changing the campaign around a bit, so I guess that's a start.

User Info: lengthycobra69

5 years ago#73
Vegerunks posted...
Most people me included don't exactly hate Call of Duty, but we hate the people that play it. It's a mature rated game that is played by people that are or act like they are 5-6 years old which gets very annoying and ruins the point of playing the game because you can no longer have fun.

People hate RECENT call of duties because they bring nothing new they're just clones of previous ones, and unlike Halo they don't have interesting enough stories or most of the time don't have a story related to the last game so it is a waste of time to play the story.

Halo As you can see if you go from Halo 3 to Reach and now to this, the online gameplay changes quite a bit in each, There's a pretty interesting story yet 343 Guilty Spark changed Master Chief's personality a little in 4 -.- but the story warrants sequels that allow us to enjoy it more. And the Halo fanbase has actually started to evolve so you don't have AS many whiners as you use to.

i have to back him up dam sure on this one. i played world at war and only have gotten friends feedback for the others. Each person tells me that COD has become the madden of fps's. Also this is from my WOW experience but if you watch the ign review on utube i agree that the perk system in halo 4 feels fun yet fair unlike wow where dear god it was so uneven i hated the game lol.

a friend of mine is a prison co and did 6 years active in the marines. he bought mf3 just to try it and also bought bf3. said mf2 did beat bf2 bad company in his eyes, but Bf3 was way better then mf3 only because bf3 felt like an improved game, not an add-on.

overall i mean in halo i don't see people shooting through walls or doing montages with 15 sniper kills in a row no scoped like i have with cod lol. Plus you may get a kill streak in halo but you dam sure aren't dropping nukes and wiping the entire team out. seems unbalanced to me.

User Info: MetaIGearRex

5 years ago#74
Well the main thing I don't like about CoD is the inherent gameplay. The person that gets kills is the person who merely saw the guy first. Random nades, rockets and other splash damage weapons that ensure success with crap accuracy. Killstreaks, that get LOTS of kills and they player just has to push a button. Why should a player get a point for a kill if a chopper killed stuff while he hid in the bushes?

I did liked CoD4, but hate ever single one that came after. CoD4 was perfect with its perks weapons and killstreaks, though I could do without the autonomous kill streaks.

Also I hate the fact they they come out every year and have zero improvements just more garbage to add to the clutter. When CoD drastically overhauls their physics, lighting and approach to gameplay I might get interested again. Though probably not, their business practices are so greedy I might just say no to CoD forever based on principals. When the next one comes out that will be 8 (EIGHT!!!!) games on 360...

User Info: lengthycobra69

5 years ago#75
^^^ good one

User Info: Mu_Nova

5 years ago#76
I'm not so sure it's CoD I hate. More that each one is so similar.

I did enjoy MW2 for a little while, but the super fast dying eventually wore on me and I lost all interest. I have no qualm with the series itself in actuality, I hate the rehashing and what it stands for, and it's just not my kind of shooter.

Hell, Halo is my first shooter series I've owned, but it's also the kind I'm interested in. Like how I am with BlazBlue and fighting games.
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User Info: monsterlord-18

5 years ago#77
different strokes for different blokes.

User Info: monsterlord-18

5 years ago#78
i don't dislike Call of Duty. i'm not a fan of the Modern Warfare of Black Ops series (yes, i like the World War II Era better.) but i played those games and don't have any problems.

same with Halo. i don't dislike it but i'm not a big fan of Wars or Combat Evolved.

*crowd boos*

'ey! it's a opinion.

User Info: DCarnage

5 years ago#79
I don't hate it, I just... suck in MP. KDR is usually .9 or so after a few hundred hours of play. Just wish matchmaking was a bit better and put equally sucky people together...

User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#80
I don't hate any individual CoD. I hate the Franchise. Each game is just the same thing with 1 or 2 features piled on.

Now for me, the last CoD game I put any time into was MW2, thats comming up on 3 games ago so I'm rather excited for Blops 2. I think CoD is basically the same thing as sports games now. Play every one and you will be dissapointed, play every couple entries and you will be pleasently suprised
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