why doesn't this game have gun customization?

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  3. why doesn't this game have gun customization?

User Info: FableOwns

4 years ago#1
please dont answer " because its not cod or go play cod"

I think it would be a really big step forward if we had the option to give new features to out guns and not armour

User Info: LinksLegends

4 years ago#2
The more options you have for guns, the harder it is to balance.

I'm not saying the weapons we have now are totally balanced, but nothing's really unusable at the moment.
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User Info: codemeisterx70

4 years ago#3
Besides an aesthetic change i dont see why they would include it. They would havw to think of a lot of elite and forerunner customs then and they probably dont want to do that haha
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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't mind aesthetic customization beyond skins, that would be pretty neat. But I wouldnt want anything that would make the gun better or worse.
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User Info: Rethalwolf

4 years ago#5
I think there are plenty of guns without customization. The loadouts alone practically let you do that by choosing your gun, which are similar-yet-different enough that each grouping (primaries) could be considered one gun with different traits.

Which is honestly a big reason I don't like COD, because all their guns are seriously the same, customized or not, and sorely underbalanced. But I digress.

I hope that never makes it into this series though.
I miss some of the different guns. The old shotgun (ya know, from when it took skill to one-shot anyone), the mauler, sentinel beam, flamethrower... the guns they chose are great and all but I liked the diversity and with the balance they seem pretty capable of, they seem like weapons that really should have been included.
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  3. why doesn't this game have gun customization?

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