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Why do you care about K/D ratio it doesn't make you better

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  3. Why do you care about K/D ratio it doesn't make you better

User Info: DIECASTC00K

5 years ago#1
Seriously why not Play a game for fun instead of stupid in game status
No gamertag here ....

User Info: demonicshock

5 years ago#2
It makes people feel like they have something in life to live for, otherwise they just become lifeless virgin blobs of -- wait a minute...
Gamertag -- cemetery ghoul

User Info: Alternative_1

5 years ago#3
I have fun playing well.
tahts halo
dont worry

User Info: JustArtificial

5 years ago#4
Because it helps in Slayer? Am I missing something?

User Info: xcalibur6000

5 years ago#5
None if it makes you better... its a video game, just play it and be quiet :)
Sorry, our princess is in another castle.

User Info: RiverofDenial

5 years ago#6
It actually does make you better, in Slayer type game modes.
More kills for your team makes your team win.
Less deaths for your team makes your enemy team lose.
You should've titled this post better.
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I'm not an actual girl. I just like it when people get mad because they think they got wrecked by a girl.

User Info: Dr_Throatpunch

5 years ago#7
Does it mean you're a better person? No, but in Slayer gametypes, it does technically mean you are better at the game.

User Info: javobi

5 years ago#8
It makes players feel better about themselves, as thet are able to prove that they are good players with accurate stats. Personally I don't really mind, its all about having fun (my kd is 1.5).
Rivve: The Khajiit can be ridden in various positions, whichever is the most comfortable for you!

User Info: Gencoil

5 years ago#9
My kill and death count is usually pretty low compared to others on my team. My average life span on the other hand is usually the longest. Not sure if that's a good thing :P I tend to snipe a lot to aid team mates instead of running into the battle. || || Xbox LIVE: Nitesoul || PSN: Gencoil

User Info: jrbeerman11

5 years ago#10
In slayer k/d matters somewhat, but what if your moving in groups and get tons of distractions or assists? Its more point ratio that matters. In objective matters little. I like the point system.
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  3. Why do you care about K/D ratio it doesn't make you better

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