Why do you care about K/D ratio it doesn't make you better

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User Info: MichaelMateria

4 years ago#81
deimos91 posted...
wins is where its at you can have a 15.0 k/d but only won 10 out of 150 matches that makes you a bad player

Sure thing, because it's totally possible to carry 3 or more bad players to a victory across multiple game types every single game regardless of how stacked the enemy team is.

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User Info: JonnyBoyFF

4 years ago#82
Killean_Nuggets posted...

A player could have a K/D at the end of the game of say +10, yet still have played badly and not really helped his team mates.

For example the player that went +10 could have had weak shields and been next to a team mate who was having a 1v1 fight with someone else. The sensible thing to do would be to help the teammate and make it a 2v1 situation, but have it so the other player on your team, who has stronger shields, is taking shots. 9/10 that would result in a +1 for the team, however if the player who goes +10 doesn't help his team mate, there is a good chance the team mate could die, so in this case the best thing that could happen is the person who goes +10 cleans up the kill, but there is no guarantee of that depending on how the opposing player plays, they could go into cover.

And this is actually a really good point. Back in the Halo 2/3 days, one of my teammates was an alpha male. We caught him allowing us to die so that he could mop up the kills or take our superweapons. It was always his goal to be perceived as number 1.

On the other hand, he and I went on a 50 game winstreak in Double Team (we even beat a team of modders) because he placed more emphasis on team victory than personal achievement.

I don't have a team anymore, and it seems like so many fewer people use mics these days. Thus, without a coherent team strategy, I can only do so much as a teammate. I want the team to win, but I'm not just going to follow people to an obvious slaughter either. Halo's not just about brute force and rushing in, so sometimes I have to lone wolf it.

There's no way I would ever let a teammate die intentionally, though.
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User Info: touyamizrahi

4 years ago#83
chamber29 posted...
touyamizrahi posted...

exactly. my deaths are higher than my kills. i'm at right now i think like 1150ish kills and like 1320ish deaths, but i have almost 800 assists. but i also take the hardlight shield and when we're about to have a big battle i'll be first one in to give my team the distraction and cover they need to kill (honestly, it's hard finding anyone willing to be a front line tank for even a few seconds). and having a second person close by with a regen field is also helpful when paired with said tank person. With no regen field i usually die, but i end up getting 3 assists to 1 death. That is helpful even if i technically have a -1 K/D from that fight.

Interesting strategy, haven't seen it used yet. You are depending on teammates quite a bit, so I hope you play with a party of friends...I normally play solo and just follow my teammates around as long as they stick near cover. If one or two of them runs out into the open and happens upon the entire enemy team...I'm sorry but can't help them

I don't know what my exact stats are, but I don't have a huge spread, would look them up if anyone knows the URL. BUngie used to keep all those

i try to use the same strategy with randoms, and it only works in about 1/8 games. cause sadly people aren't paying attention, or they see two enemies coming and they'll run off. when i play with my cousin we work a single unit always and if the other two help us, it's just a benefit, cause even if they don't have mics, they can hear us through their tv speakers and they catch on pretty fast (usually :P ). I also take active camo in my loadouts for when i'm going in alone as well since it screws with enemy radar and can give the other guys i'm with a slight edge so even if we're two on two, they won't know where we're coming from first and we can usually go positive from that, unless power weapons come into it.
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