For those with girlfriends/wives/kids: how do you find time for Halo?

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User Info: renzsweet

5 years ago#51
For games in general, I have two benefits. The first is I have life-long insomnia, not having slept a full night in over 30 years. So I often play overnight. The second is my wife likes watching me play games. We happen to think Master Chief is a compelling character, on a side note.
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User Info: ArcGuard

5 years ago#52
Well, the last couple days, I've been playing the game and she's been burning through the Halo book series that's on my shelf. She just finished Reach on Saturday Evening.

Just have to find a girl who appreciates your hobbies, or at the very least appreciates the fact that you have hobbies.

Shouldn't feel like you're neglecting her. Do you not eat dinner with her, go shopping, go out on the town, etc?

And does she never want to do anything on her own? Or have hobbies of her own?

User Info: digiiiiiiiii

5 years ago#53
She reads her Nook, I play some Halo. Cuddle up on the couch and suddenly you're spending time together while doing what you want to do.
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User Info: VoidBeyond

5 years ago#54
She plays Halo with me
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User Info: AnubisGhost

5 years ago#56
my wife doesn't complain, so i play most of the time.... hell, the xbox is on most of the time i'm home, If i son't work the following day, I play from either 12am to 3am or if i have the kids to take to school the following day it's 10:30 pm to 12 or 1.... I really don't need that much sleep.

one time i had to take car of something for the kids and was gone 2 minutes, she filled in and got a couple of kills. She does game but not first person shooter... she's a more zelda oriented girl and likes Myst ALOT

User Info: domesplitter13

5 years ago#57
Pleanty of time after 8pm. Thats when they go in their cages til morning. :)

User Info: Fundabz

5 years ago#58
Well both my girlfriends play with me, one controls the right side of the controller and the other has the left :(
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User Info: skullsukker

5 years ago#59
its no different than sitting up watching television, and they are usually happy you arent at a bar or strip club. that part sometimes needs to be reiterated to them. :)

User Info: faxmachne

5 years ago#60
My Wife i quite understanding. I can normally get a an hour a night
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