If you use automatic weapons, you're terrible.

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User Info: WaLuigiTails

5 years ago#81
sorry but Im a rush down person I don't play to camp. And yes I aim with assult rifle.
because I do and it works wonders.
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User Info: yomamma297

5 years ago#82
I'm not even complaining about getting killed by them. I'm just saying that you're better off using a precision weapon. Some of you people get so defensive, it's kinda funny.
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User Info: cmdrdredd

5 years ago#83
yomamma297 posted...
ocelot51 posted...
You know when the DMR is NOT a good weapon? When you turn a corner and within two meters of you is a guy with the AR.

Right, so you should use a weapon with terrible range just in case some idiot player decides to turn a corner without checking it? Sorry, I'm not going to use a terrible weapon just so I can get one or two lucky kills.

This is why you get two weapons...
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User Info: ketnerj

5 years ago#84
jakethenoob posted...
ketnerj posted...
Someone ran into an AR and got wrecked...

Pro tip, children: Some weapons are completely viable in certain situations. It would behoove you to keep a bit of variety in your playstyle.

Automatics are not viable if you're playing good enough people.

I played 50 high Squad Battle, BTB, Slayer, Doubles, and Objective on a regular basis, and it was definitely viable in certain situations. Catching someone off guard for a second nets you a quick kill, and it also has a good chance of slightly enraging your opponent, and getting in their head for future engagements.
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User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#85
From: The Devourer | #011
TC is just mad he's getting killed by ARs.

Yeah, his butthurt is over 9000.
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User Info: Panchos2

5 years ago#86
What about... SEMI automatic
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  3. If you use automatic weapons, you're terrible.

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