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Explain the Spartans to me please.

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User Info: Doublesouba

5 years ago#1
I know they're pretty much 7ft tall super soldiers. What I want to know is their ranks(?). Chief is a Spartan 2, what is a Spartan 1? Is there a Spartan 3&4? I enjoyed Halo 4 so much, I'm going to play through all the other ones again, and would like to know this in advance. Since it'll be a while before i do.
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User Info: FlufyW0lf3y

5 years ago#2
Wikia is your friend for detailed topics like this.
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User Info: 3starborris

5 years ago#3

that is the order that the spartan programs rank in strength, and overall effectiveness.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

5 years ago#4
I thought Chief was a Spartan 3...**** see I don't know either.
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User Info: cyborg9

5 years ago#5
3starborris posted...

that is the order that the spartan programs rank in strength, and overall effectiveness.

no.. 2>3>4>1

User Info: GGearX

5 years ago#6
FlufyW0lf3y posted...
Wikia is your friend for detailed topics like this.

Which wikia? *throws a bone*
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User Info: FlufyW0lf3y

5 years ago#7
GGearX posted...
FlufyW0lf3y posted...
Wikia is your friend for detailed topics like this.

Which wikia? *throws a bone*


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User Info: Gaebora_Kaepora

5 years ago#8
Read Fall of Reach if you want to know how badass Spartan 2's really are
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User Info: EvilTyger

5 years ago#9
To answer the question:

Spartan 1s are never really detailed. Implication that Sgt Johnson might be one. Specialized training for some of the best soldiers, little more.

Spartan 2s were taken as children, trained, and then augmented physically and mentally via chemicals, implants, and DNA modification. Then given a suit of armor that would kill a normal person to wear. A few of their bodies rejected some of the modifications.

Spartan 3 are somewhere in between. Less expensive to make, not as high physical and mental requirements. Their armor is more stealth oriented than tank oriented.

User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

5 years ago#10
Some more facts:

- Johnson's confirmed to be a Spartan I.

- Note that Spartan I's never had armor, they were just augmented to a slight degree. The project failed and Johnson became a normal Marine, working his way up to Sergeant.

- Only 1 or 2 Spartan I's are alive anymore. The Spartan I program was nothing more than a prototype for what became the Spartan II program.

- The Spartan II's weren't armored in the beginning either. They got their armor just after the Covenant first arrived and glassed Harvest.

- Their shield system wasn't there at the start when they first got their armor. The armor was upgraded after some Spartan II's collected Jackal wrist-mounted shields and UNSC Scientists reverse-engineered those shields and applied them to the MJOLNIR armor. The actual shield technology has yet to perfect;y replicated.

- Despite what Halo 1's box says, the Master Chief is NOT the last of his kind. About 8 Spartan II's are still left, according to the novels. Jai, Adriana and Mike are in Insurrectionist territory and are too far away to be recalled, and Fred Linda and Kelly were with Dr. Halsey in Onyx's Dyson Sphere.

- Spartan III's were a secret project done without Dr. Halsey's knowledge. She worked on Spartan I and Spartan II, but her arch nemesis, Colonel Ackerson from ONI, stole her idea and made the Spartan III program in an attempt to make cheaper super soldiers.

- A single Spartan II was said to cost about as much to produce as an entire battle group of UNSC ships (i.e. a ****ing lot).

- Spartan III's are meant to be mass-produced if the need arises to make more, and because their cheaper to make, they don't have armor that's as effective as a Spartan II's.

- The Spartan III's were trained by Kurt, a Spartan II that was thought to be lost in space during an "accident", when he was really secretly captured by Ackerson. Kurt trained several groups of Spartan III's on Onyx along with Chief Petty Officer Mendez, the guy who personally trained the Master Chief and Kurt.

- Tom and Lucy are the only known Beta Company Spartan III's left alive. All of Alpha Company was wiped out in a mission except for Jun from Halo Reach, and 8 Gamma Company Spartan III's are alive (though 5 of them are in cryo sleep).

- A Delta Company was planned if the need ever arose to make them, but I guess they skipped Delta Company and just made Spartan IV's instead.

- According to Halopedia, anyone can be made into a Spartan IV. They don't have to train as kids first. Because of this, Spartan IV's lack the discipline that II's and III's have, but they do have the experience, since Spartan IV's consist of Marines. But they accept anyone into the program. In fact, I'm sure Master Chief is now BOTH a Spartan II and a Spartan IV.
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