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User Info: AzraelToday1134

4 years ago#51
It's pretty easy to lie, isn't it? Every person who has looked down on the TC, even those with supposed college degrees, are ludicrous. Why is this degrading? Why is this morally wrong? It isn't. People who have a higher level of education should win those codes, because more often than not, the foul mouthed, immature players you run across, are most likely uneducated. Rewarding those who try and better themselves is a worthwhile endeavor. Having a problem with that is lunacy. I graduated high school, started working industrial construction, never looked back. That was ten years ago, and not a day goes by that I regret not staying in school. I'm now a part owner of the company I started with, and will probably make more money than most college graduates may ever make, but there is nothing wrong with having an education, and certainly nothing wrong with rewarding those who do as well.

User Info: ragnarokius

4 years ago#52
lol giving mt dew bottle caps to the privileged

that's god's work

User Info: jjg737

4 years ago#53
AA in general education, but really you know people can just lie to you about their education but whatever. How bout them Cowboys!!!!

User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

4 years ago#54
ragnarokius posted...
lol giving mt dew bottle caps to the privileged

that's god's work

If Mountain Dew wanted to give double xp to the privileged and educated, they'd charge $10 a bottle.
Saying I'm one of the best is just rude. All the people who don't agree look stupid then, and I don't want to make everyone feel stupid. (GT)- GotMyProSocksOn

User Info: BurnsDepartment

4 years ago#55
ravensfan2055 posted...
BurnsDepartment posted...
My education level stops before high school, seeing as how I'm disabled in such a way that it's impossible for me to learn in such an environment. So if you're using education level as a gauge of who works hard and who's a good person and all that, I'm honour bound to tell you that's a terrible method.

I know people who have learning disabilities and graduate college. The only thing stopping you from graduating is yourself.

"I choose not to place 'DIS', in my ability." - Robert M. Hensel

I don't have a learning disability, I have, among numerous other things, hypersensitive hearing and very little auditory processing combined with inability to tune out sounds like most people.

You likely enough have no idea of the implications of that or just what it does to you. But then, you had not even the barest idea of any of my disabilities before you took it upon yourself to try and tell me what I can and can't do.

So it seems to me that you're more interested in blaming people for being disabled and telling us we can be abled using the magic powers of ignoring our own limits than you are the reasons and facts of our lives. Even when we fail to ignore our disabilities under pressures of starvation, murder and abuse every single day, you insist it is possible as if that isn't sufficient motivation.

You may not know this, but most disabled people hear this every day of our disabled lives, commonly with a fist or harsh word close behind, and it does not work.
Many of us try to make it work, but it does not, and over time it becomes a common, galling disrespect that typically precedes worse.

Back in the day where I simply thought that everyone was pained and miserable, confused and frustrated almost every hour of every day, I am sorry to say I tried to live by these ideas you espouse.
I'm afraid that that is why I find them not merely misguided but offensive and indeed insulting to people like myself.

I will engage in no further discussion of them for these reasons.

User Info: xxxthetoadxxx

4 years ago#56
Graduated with degree in Arson. Fires-they are here to stay. Favorite team: Green Bay Packers since 91.
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 & Halo 4.
GT: xxxthetoadxxx

User Info: DaArK SePhIrOtH

4 years ago#57
Finance and Investment degree but I choose to start making my own games after I graduated. So i've been a bum with a finance degree lol.
GamerTag : Sephiroth1089 -- My Video Game Blog

User Info: SolRagnaVorra

4 years ago#58
Everyone is failing in the educational department for being so desperate about this. Just go to the store and write codes down off the bags. they're on the outside. Besides, most of you are probably lying.
(message deleted)

User Info: Sephiroth9704

4 years ago#60
Florida State University - MS in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2012
Dallas Cowboys
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