Spartan Ops: So much potential, all of it gone to waste.

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User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
4 years ago#11
Firefight became spawn camping, knowing where all the enemies would come from on each map. At least here, you can't just stand in one spot the whole time.

Too bad there is no scoring and medals don't pop on-screen. That makes it less goal-oriented than Firefight.
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User Info: _Gladiator_

4 years ago#12
While I like Spartan Ops, I SORELY WISH that there was an option to mute Palmer and Miller. Hearing the same dialogue over and over again gets really annoying.
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User Info: gameguy006

4 years ago#13
I enjoyed firefight so much more. Even after learning enemy spawns it was still fun racing over before other teammates got the kills.

User Info: PharoahPelican

4 years ago#14
Sir_Burpalot21 posted...
Grrrr so much anger!!!
Ooh and way to judge the story for Spartan Ops when it's only 2 episodes in.

I'd say one episode in since the first was just "Hey, we're Spartan 4's, and this ia Requiem and these are the enemies and everything here is the same as what you learned in the campaign. Oh ny the way here's an artifact that will be important next week."

I'd like the story a lot more if there was a post mission scene like the pre mission ones.
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User Info: my_name_is_Ed

4 years ago#15
Sir_Burpalot21 posted...
Grrrr so much anger!!!
Ooh and way to judge the story for Spartan Ops when it's only 2 episodes in.

Way to judge him by picking out only one thing to complain about in his post.
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User Info: mindandsoul

4 years ago#16
I prefer it to FF..shorter rounds and basically the same thing..kill waves of enemies repeatedly. I just dont get what peoples problem is really.

User Info: HELZERO

4 years ago#17
I love the short maps. Keeps me comin for more

User Info: Morael_Thel

4 years ago#18
PharoahPelican posted...
It's like a poor man's Firefight plus a poor man's Campaign. The story, while now getting interesting, is so short and so small that it may as well not be there. The missions all taking place on the same few maps (with 4/5 of this latest episode's being the last 4 of the first episode's done backwards), and some of them are even taken from the campaign almost exactly. It's too damn easy. You may die a few times on Legendary but there is no reason not to outside of personal pride. If you do a suicide run to kill that Promethean Knight that has been giving you problems there's no penalty. You don't restart the mission, you don't go back to the last checkpoint, you just respawn and now that big threat is gone and you can work through the rest.

With the way Spartan Ops was being advertised I was hoping it would be real campaign missions, made for co-op that would have some difficulty while solo, only the missions would be broken up into chapters. Instead we get a non-customizable firefight with a loosely connected story that almost doesn't even matter.

You have a point. I wish there was some way we could get the message to 343. I'd like for Spartan Ops to have longer, cut-scened (with your spartan in the cut scene) missions with both old and new maps. I don't really feel like my spartan is apart of anything. It's a bunch of commands given from a radio during a lesser version of firefight. There is no immersion whatsoever. If this is what it's going to be like every week, then I won't be able to see spartan ops as anything more than an opportunity to grind.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#19
Oh the irony.

User Info: Falco4224

4 years ago#20
I would agree choosing FF or Spartan Ops would have offered much more replay-ability. If you don't have xbox live gold your getting shafted with this game.
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