Why the hell is this called "Halo"?

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User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#41
There is a ring in this game.
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User Info: squidgy617

4 years ago#42
You can't really change the name of a well established series. Plus, they do at least mention the Halos in this.

I mean, even some of the Zelda games don't have Zelda in them at all.

User Info: Mu_Nova

4 years ago#43
And we go near a Halo in 4.
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User Info: AgentX7k

4 years ago#44
Does every Jason movie take place on Friday the 13th? Do all the nightmares occur on Elm Street?

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

4 years ago#45
because if they changed the name it wouldnt sell as many copies
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User Info: Strudel123

4 years ago#46
Spoilers below!!!!!

Halo Installation 03 in halo 4. You don't physically go on it but you go to a space station that recovered an artifact from the halo.

User Info: Mercalicious

4 years ago#47
There has been a halo in every Halo game. (Not sure about Reach, don't care about Wars)
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User Info: dannyaq

4 years ago#48
why is it called the legend of zelda when its all about link? i'm pretty sure zelda isn't even in some of the games.
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User Info: StaticPenguin

4 years ago#49
brawl4fun posted...
Halo 1 had a Halo in it.

Halo 2 had a Halo in it.

Halo 3 had a Halo AND the Ark.

Halo 4 is on a Shield World, another Forerunner creation. So it still makes some sense.

Halo sounds better than "Shield World", don't you think?

No only that but in the campaign Chief does hitch a ride on a ship that goes to the research station orbiting a Halo installation.
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User Info: kmelaurinegro

4 years ago#50
I'm amazed to see how longer we got without someone pointing out the obvious troll TC is, he si obviously well aware of the reason, otherwise I would have to assume there are some challenges his mind can't take :/

How many examples can people name of franchises that keep the name just because it is stablished?
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