Why is Cortana naked?

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User Info: SterlingFox

4 years ago#1
The Infinity's AI is wearing like full-on WWII fighter pilot gear with like a bomber jacket and thick pants. So why is Cortana naked if AI clothing is possible?
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User Info: Nezu Chiza

Nezu Chiza
4 years ago#2
Why not?
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User Info: Lionheart Master

Lionheart Master
4 years ago#3
Nezu Chiza posted...
Why not?
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User Info: rabidpencil

4 years ago#5
In Halo lore, AI's choose their own appearance. So she wanted to be naked I guess. Always has been btw
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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

4 years ago#6
Would you rather the Master Chief be naked instead?

User Info: Beidha

4 years ago#7
The better question is why aren't you naked?
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User Info: abbeldydoo

4 years ago#8
Hell with it.I'm getting naked.
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User Info: ChokeStan

4 years ago#9
_Cyberpunk posted...
Because f*** you, that's why.

User Info: OdinFear

4 years ago#10
its just the shape the AI choose. i think theres even one thats just a swirling cloud of snow. think its in one of the books.
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