This week's update kind of made me lose faith in 343.

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  3. This week's update kind of made me lose faith in 343.

User Info: Kaitezenberge

5 years ago#51
0NotoriousLynx0 posted...
MetaIGearRex posted...
0NotoriousLynx0 posted...
MetaIGearRex posted...
0NotoriousLynx0 posted...
Goes to show how impatient gamers are.

We should start a Metal Gear clan on Halo where we are experts at stealth and the Mantis. We'll call it Foxhound and will name ourselves in a similar manner, a personal prefix and an animal.

Lol, I pretty much exclusively use Camo and the only vehicle I get in is the Mantis. My GT is my Gamefaqs name. So in my games the Mantis is called MetaIGearRex.

Damn. I'll add you. And then we can talk about how awesome Otacon and Snake's relation is and how hype we are for Rising and Ground Zeroes.
I think I need to get in on this. I've spent most of my Halo career sneaking around camo'd and with a pistol. GT is Mikoto Saionji!
PSN: Mikoto-kun. Leader of Emeraude on ACV's US servers.
XBL: Mikoto Saionji. Avid Reach and Halo 2 Vista player.

User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#52
if snipers can come up again in random matchmaking I'm done. It better have it's own qeue
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

5 years ago#53
here's the reason: outside of grifbal, most of those were dead playlists in Reach. i agree that more playlists = more options = better, but i can see why 343 would rather focus on core modes than introduce a bunch of playlists that relatively few care about.

User Info: Patriotwolf

5 years ago#54
You're taking this game way to seriously. All you're doing is taking days off you life with stress and annoying the Hell out of every sane person on this board.

Get a grip or trade this game for cod and stop playing halo altogether.
"You're just one big headache, and I got a pistol full of aspirin"
"Who cares if you screw others?"-1337toothbrush

User Info: Mantato

5 years ago#55
0NotoriousLynx0 posted...
Goes to show how impatient gamers are.
"Get out of your topic." - Eixrer
"Vuroja can only hope to be as manly as Sir Graav someday." -LucaGoers

User Info: ded5833

5 years ago#56
Elprede007 posted...
HighOnPhazon posted...
The game has been out 1 week, give it some time bro.

Not singling you out phazon, just quoting. Halo Reach had this stuff when it came out, he just wants the same level of service, and quite honestly swat is very basic. It definitely should've come out with the game.

Agreed, Reach had variety in gametypes and even map variety on launch, this game doesn't. I can't play 5 of the same maps in slayer and 5 on Big Team Slayer, it gets boring. Snipers would be okay for larger maps with 4v4 I don't know. This game's only been out for a week and I already feel burnt out.
These counting things are stupid.
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User Info: Wolfsangel90

5 years ago#57
Anyone remember that time Halo 2 launched without a Team Slayer playlist? Yeah......

Its been a week dude. We're not gonna have all the eventual, final content that will be continuously added/updated week by week in the first few days. Honestly we're going to be getting much more updates more frequently than any other Halo, so just relax.

User Info: jgatlabayan

5 years ago#58
TC, give 343 a break.... It's just been 1 f*ckin week mhan!
Is Halo 4 really just the bulk of your life? Have sex with your gf or if you don't have one, go out and date someone for crying out loud.
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User Info: kasbian

5 years ago#59
Whats annoying is that extraction was advertised alot upto release only to be completey absent from the launch?!

Also finding myself getting bored after a week, i swear 1-50 or a league ranking system is essential for a halo release. I played halo 2/3 like it was crack but this im not too fussed when i play

User Info: BipBapBam

5 years ago#60
Do you really want to play doubles on these maps? lol
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  3. This week's update kind of made me lose faith in 343.

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