Oi, been having a lot of bad luck for the past few days.(kind of a vent)

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  3. Oi, been having a lot of bad luck for the past few days.(kind of a vent)

User Info: abel13111

5 years ago#1
The last few nights of playing halo for me have been nothing but freaking grief. No, not from the boltshot, or the dang DMR (though I do think it could do with a fire rate nerf and/or less impact flinch) or armor abilities. I got no problems with those really. It just seems like everything that can go wrong has been going wrong.

I keep getting HORRENDOUS lag. More so now then a week ago when the game first came out. I'll try to walk 3 steps forward, snap back to where I was, try walking forward again, snap back, then the next thing I know I'm halfway across Ragnarok standing on the hill with my shields down.

Aiming, IDK what has happened. Used to be I could almost consistently consistently 4-5 shot an enemy player with the DMR and battle rifle and now it seems I almost always choke on the last shot, or all my bullets just seem to miss by an inch and I get killed.

I keep getting some really bad spawns. Like spawn, turn a corner, there is the entire enemy team looking right at me. Or i spawn out in the open, walk 3 steps, then get lit up by DMR users halfway across the map.

Heck example, 4 days ago I was going almost 2 and 1 every game, sometimes 3 and 1. Now I'm lucky if I barely break even. It's starting to bum me out. What do you all think, sound like I'm just burnt out right now, or got any tips on how to break me out of this funk?
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User Info: Morpheme

5 years ago#2
Sounds like you're getting the yips, man. Take a break, maybe enjoy a nice cold beverage, and relax. Hang back and snipe, or maybe play some Spartan Ops with some friends just to blow off some steam. Focus on enjoyment of the game, and not on your k/d or any other kind of relative score.

Fundamentals and maybe a router reset will do you worlds of good.
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User Info: chickenwax

5 years ago#3
This is going to sound completely ridiculous, but because I've been going through the same problems, I'll offer my observations.

Clearly the first: as I've leveled up, players have gotten better, more agile, etc. So there's less room for error. This is obvious.

Second: I've noticed when I'm tense, aggravated or trying to "force" a win/kill, I do worse. Two shots of whiskey and a quick deep breath usually calm my nerve so I'm not as fidgety. It's silly, but it's true, and I think it has everything to do with playing with a high aim sensitivity.

But again, to each his own. I feel for you though, it's frustrating.

User Info: VoidBeyond

5 years ago#4
Been having the same problem.
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User Info: Darksta

5 years ago#5
Game has been lagging for me as well lately. It's getting annoying.
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User Info: Patriotwolf

5 years ago#6
The best thing to do is to slow down. People always run around in Halo like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe change your gun to the br. For me, I sucked at the beginning because battlefield 3 had been my exclusive fps since it came out. So I found myself running everywhere and hardly ever looked at my radar. To compensate, I slowed my self down. Stopped running so much, kept a close eye on my radar, and used promeathean vision on smaller maps. I went from almost always having a negative kd to 2-1 in most matches

My suggestion to you, besides reseting your router, or making sure it has an open NAT etc... Is to change your approach. Change your strategy, change your abilities or you primary gun or try a new game mode. If the current strategy isn't working, it may be that the community has adapted to it also.

Maybe take a break for a few days. Play a game that's not a shooter. Then when you come back to it, your mind may be refreshed and ready to look for flaws in your play style. If the same thing keeps happening, you gotta find out what the pattern is and change it.
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User Info: DarkGamer000

5 years ago#7
As far as lag, just do some basic clean up on your connection. Make sure your NAT is open, and try to make sure there's no downloads or other bandwith-hogs going on.

As far as your aim, play against the AI. With every single player getting a BR/DMR, precision is now all or noting. Turn the difficulty to Legendary, and work on your headshots. It doesn't seem like it, but it helps keep your aim steady, and helps you keep up with moving erratic opponents. After that, just go play objective gametypes until you feel you're ready for slayer. Most players on objective aren't the best shot, they should be good for practice.

User Info: GTJonnyMnemonic

5 years ago#8
As a few have already said, take a little break, have a couple of shots and come back at it refreshed. Resetting your router and making sure all relevant ports are open could help too.

I'm not sure why but this is the first Halo game I can do consistently well in, may be the fact I've gone from a 300kbs dsl connection to a 78meg fiber-optic since the last time I played a Halo game,

Only had lag once but it really was horrendous, almost like trying to play Crysis on max settings on a budget rig from PC world...
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User Info: abel13111

5 years ago#9
Well, took your alls advice and it did actually help. (not the drinking though, I don't drink haha) But yeah, went, played some Blops 2 zombies for a couple hours the other day, came back to halo and fired up infinity slayer again...started sucking. Then changed over to regicide.

For some reason, and I don't really understand why, I had a lot more fun in regicide and did better. Found myself playing like I used to, pulling an average of about 1.5 a match, sometimes better sometimes worse. I don't know, maybe since I don't gotta worry about teammates anymore I do better.

Anyways, thanks for the tips and see ya on Halo.
Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.-Mark Twain
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  3. Oi, been having a lot of bad luck for the past few days.(kind of a vent)

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