Why dont people talk online?

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User Info: Allen_Hood

5 years ago#61
I know there all little kids maybe add me anyone who likes team playin and haveing a good time.

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Ps: have got great Xbl friends off this board

User Info: skinflutedynamo

5 years ago#62
It's usually because they only really want to talk if there's multiple people communicating.

User Info: Allen_Hood

5 years ago#63
blablab65 posted...
ox0shadow0xo posted...
You're right a lot of people don't talk, but I don't mind it. The times people do have mics it's normally one of three people. 1) the guy that trash talks before, during and after the match, even if he sucks, 2) the squeaker that sings, makes sound effects, talks to himself about how he just died etc., anything to make noise without pause until the end of the match, or 3) the person who has their mic on and you hear a constant noise from something in their room, be it their music or someone talking in the background to someone else.... Yeah silence is great lol.

i actually enjoy people who talk trash, i find it funny/entertaining. Sometimes more people talking makes the overall experience more enjoyable and like your actually playing against real people.

LOL so true

User Info: TimelessEON

5 years ago#64
I personally wait for someone else to spark conversation if someone talks to me I don't ignore them unless its needless trash talk.

User Info: VideoGameBlitz

5 years ago#65
jpraelster posted...
Nezu Chiza posted...
Considering how strict the voice chat restrictions are in terms of banning, people probably just don't want to risk things.

I dont get why halo 4 is so strict with this crap its so stupid

bullying, stranger danger lol
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User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

5 years ago#66
Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat, Party chat.

That and that alone.

User Info: elitewarrior500

5 years ago#67
cause i have trouble talkin to people i dont know and also dont want to potentially get trash talked regardless of how well im doin. only really chat with friends in a party. pretty much im just antisocial
ROlF, XD!!

User Info: Manlymike17

5 years ago#68
Haha I was wondering this same thing. And the lack of slayer FFA makes me sad, because for the first time ever I actually wanted to trash talk just for a little bit of fun and don't get that privilege now :(
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