Anyone else hate comeback kills

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User Info: Turtlebread

4 years ago#1
Dammit game, don't try and make me feel better if I'm doing crap

User Info: And2fosho

4 years ago#2
I hate hearing it, means i'm terribad
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User Info: kollie89

4 years ago#3
Me: hey what is the comeback kill award about?
friend: you get it if you get a kill after dieing 3 times without getting a kill.
Me: oh.....I get that alot.........

User Info: JonWon15

4 years ago#4
It makes me play better. Realizing I died 3 times with no kills actually makes me focus more.
Even if there isn't a hardcore mode...It's food. Eat it. Like a boss. It's a roleplaying game. Go have breakfast. -DoctorScraps

User Info: tonxin1st

4 years ago#5
Thats pretty funny. Never realized thats what it meant. Always thought iy was cause i almost died. Man I suck

User Info: LJGLJG

4 years ago#6
That would be a "close call".

User Info: Nailbomb

4 years ago#7
It feels like the game is insulting me every time I hear it.

"Good job, you finally got one, champ. Now get out there and soak up some more bullets for your team."

Granted, I do have a habit of playing decoy...
I find it amusing that something a drunk person babbled at me is considered "common sense" by Dismind! - Brain Hammer

User Info: OmisanAndrew

4 years ago#8
In Cod, its the painkiller pill... you dont want the pill
Little high like noon on the moon
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  3. Anyone else hate comeback kills

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