When was the first time you ever played halo?

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User Info: SSBBrulz

5 years ago#21
2007, I went over my friends house and he had Halo 3. I got hooked and bought my own xbox and halo 3 copy

User Info: reseacher2000

5 years ago#22
Halo ce. My brother bought the console and halo, he had no idea how it was gonna play. I ended up loving it he hated it.

User Info: Mu_Nova

5 years ago#23
Back in 2007. Wanted to finally see what the big goddamn deal about Halo was, so I rented it a couple days after release.

Rerented. Rererented. Bought. Love. lol
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User Info: C L I C K

5 years ago#24
I remember it like it was yesterday.. It was 2001, snowing outside, my uncle came from canada and took me to best buy and told me buy 2 games. I got halo and SSX, man I loved the 1st halo espacily the mp with friends, I think we spend the whole month in my basement playing the mp
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User Info: Newman8

5 years ago#25
Got an Xbox bundled with Halo: CE from my parents for christmas 2003, as an 8 year old. I liked Halo but I didn't like the Xbox library of games so I sold my Xbox in favor for a Gamecube and PS2 instead not that long after, and I missed out Halo 2. Got an 360 and Halo 3 later and absolutely loved it and I've been a big fan of the series since then, despite not really being a FPS guy.

User Info: Benny_Boy_X3

5 years ago#26
I remember getting halo ce with the launch of the original Xbox. I still remember playing it everyday til halo 2 came out. I've owned them all except odst and halo wars.

User Info: CyhortI82

5 years ago#27
Day one when CE was released. I saw a trailer for it in GameStop a few weeks (months?) before it came out and it looked so cool I think I pre ordered it that day.
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User Info: EliteGuard99

5 years ago#28
Graybes posted...
It was back in 2001 when CE came out. My friend had an Xbox and invited me over to try the game. I then bought my own Xbox just for that game and continued playing ever since.

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User Info: panzerwing27

5 years ago#29
My birthday 2001;-)
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User Info: eastgotenks

5 years ago#30
Got an Xbox the year they came out for Christmas. The two games I got with it were Halo and Munches Odyssey.

I think I was like 13.
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