LVL 70 Cap Really?

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User Info: Ma1iciousGnom3

4 years ago#101
FlufyW0lf3y posted...
Webstedge posted...
how the hell is anyone at 70 yet god

It's possible, they just have to be an out of shape loser who spends their entire 12 hour day or more playing a game just to reach a high enough level so when you reach it.... Nothing. Nothing at all happens. Glad to know there are still people like TC who destroy games.

Judgmental much?
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User Info: mewilhoward

4 years ago#103
a 4.0 k/d you say? post your gt so people can see it on halo waypoint or your lying.

User Info: mewilhoward

4 years ago#104
and Zero just post your gt so people will believe your. im not "jelly" or butthurt that your higher than me id just like to see if you actually are or if your just some douche who wants people on the internet to think they are a high level killing machine. im guessing the latter.

User Info: Groudon_Uzamaki

4 years ago#105
Ultoman2 posted...
WhiteWizard23 posted...
Since there's no skill rank I have to play for levels. I have. 4-1 k/d ratio bro sorry you suck and can't hit the cap.

Or y'know, I didn't play halo 100% of my free time.

This,it's nice you don't have a life, but don't impose it upon us.

It also makes sense since you can only get to level 50 as a SR, then 10 subsequent levels for the two available specializations.
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User Info: yohabroha

4 years ago#106
Toastin. This bread is epic, well done tc
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User Info: jonathonriver

4 years ago#107
You could go back to Reach, I’m sure you will be right at home voting on Sword Base and using Armor Lock.

User Info: SpiritualFEAR

4 years ago#108
Once all the specializations are out I think the level cap is 130.
F.E.A.R. Face. Everything. And. Rise.

User Info: OkamiCloud7

4 years ago#109
guys... TC hasnt even posted at all since his last comment....

seriously.... stfu and ENJOY THE GAME.

who cares about rank or skill get on xbox chat meet some friends play for LULZ mess around for a few hours and quit and do something else and come back to it later.

FYI i could trash all of you! and i only play halo for single player XD (was a joke so calm your nerves!)

MP killed it for me when i first tried halo MP YEARS ago and some 10 Y.O screamed my ear off cuz i got a lucky gil xD

but all jokes aside JUST HAVE FUN> if you trash talk or come at people with some Superiority issue.. then it goes to show your not all that tough off line. need the internet to make yourself bigger then what you are.

real person with dignity and respect . backs it up on the battle field without rubbing it in or trash talking. you prove your point on the battlefield and instead of smothering faces you say "good game" shake hands and walk away.
your like sugar with boobs. Reading your posts gives me diabetes. _mimi_

User Info: mike468

4 years ago#110
jpraelster posted...
The cap is gonna be raised when the rest of the specializations are out fool

Yeah, there are a total of 8 specializations that are going to be release. So technically there are a total of 110 Ranks before you honestly can't level up any more.

If you really wanted to level up past level 70 early you should have bought the LE version of the game.
gamertag: Kabal31082
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