LVL 70 Cap Really?

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User Info: NauticalDisasta

4 years ago#71
Still none of these guys posting gamertags. Big surprise.
"Getting lost in the light is more than never being found." - Gordon Downie
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User Info: Adamska

4 years ago#72
Sucks for the TC, but maybe its for the better? I mean...Hell...I've played a lot and I'm no where near it. Still I think it would go the same as the xp limit...I still played even without earning XP. Like the game that much.
"I prefer to call armour lock "an admission of failure" " - jimmytheballs
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User Info: FlufyW0lf3y

4 years ago#73
My gt is


I'm really friendly and like to play a lot on the weekends. Mostly at night :)
FC White: Claire 3267 4946 2393

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#74
ST_Zero posted...
FlufyW0lf3y posted...
Webstedge posted...
how the hell is anyone at 70 yet god

It's possible, they just have to be an out of shape loser who spends their entire 12 hour day or more playing a game just to reach a high enough level so when you reach it.... Nothing. Nothing at all happens. Glad to know there are still people like TC who destroy games.

Why are you so mad at the world? are you really that jealous that you're not at sr70 so you have to bash the tc and i? lol you're bad at halo and bad at life and your trolling is terrible.

You're not a 70, Zero.
Have you ever had a turkeyburger? Is that a fried turkey leg wrapped inside a burger? Because if so, then yes. Delicious.

User Info: thatman6sic6

4 years ago#75
The sr cap is 130 if u have LE... And 70 for SE... Unless u play on the 20th.... 343 siad that they will be adding ranked playlists with a 1-50 Sometime around new years
xbl GT:thatman 6sic6 psn id:thatman_6sic6

User Info: Venomscarnage

4 years ago#76
WhiteWizard23 posted...
AngelsNAirwav3s posted...
WhiteWizard23 posted...
Since there's no skill rank I have to play for levels. I have. 4-1 k/d ratio bro sorry you suck and can't hit the cap.

4-1 K/D ratio isn't that good in Spartan Ops

Ah butthurt much that you suck at multiplayer?

Or how about some people actually like to take the time with a game they just purchased a week ago and enjoy it. Not rush through it because they are so "good" and have to shove it in everyone's face on a internet message board.

I'll tell ya where you can shove it.
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User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#77
I couldn't imagine grinding to level 70 on these small selection of maps. I love the MP but I need more map variety.

User Info: starlin17

4 years ago#78
WhiteWizard23 posted...
sorry you suck and can't hit the cap.

If that means sorry that I have a life beyond hours and hours of halo everyday? That's kool.
xbox GT: StarlinX

User Info: brokenpuzzle

4 years ago#79
how you even reached 70 already makes no sense to me.
I'm level 59 and i've hit the XP cap every day other than 2.
Granted i don't have a social life, me and my girlfriend are fairly boring and i am in-between jobs so granted all i've done is play halo. I have no problem admitting that. I bought a new 360 just for halo (ps3 crapped out on me after near 7 years) I've always been a die hard halo fan even though i hated 3/reach and since i have a lot of time on my hands i've spent it playing.

Still don't see how you reached 70.
gamertag: goM0rdecai

User Info: C16

4 years ago#80
domesplitter13 posted...
C16, you are either really funny american or stupid or stupid one.

Not sure if you did it on purpose yet.

I'm an American. Clearly I can be both.

ST_Zero posted...

and lol at all the jealous trolls mad at the world because they're not at sr70. lol bad kids.

sr70 members sign here ;)

Yes, we're all so jealous that we have other things to put our time into that keeps us from sitting 12 hours a day in musty underwear with yellow stains playing a video game while stuffing Doritos down our gaping maws and washing it down with Mountain Dew in a forced attempt at prematurely boring ourselves of a new game only a week old so we can complain about it on the internet.

If I didn't know better, I'd say this is a secret bragging topic.
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