Master chief vs Iron Man

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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 years ago#1
Who would win the fight? - Results (562 votes)
Master chief
34.52% (194 votes)
Iron man
59.79% (336 votes)
Not sure
5.69% (32 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I choose Iron Man mainly because he can fly.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#2
Tough call. Standard Iron Man armor, or does he have access to his Hall of Armor, so he can whip out something like the Hulkbuster, or something more specialized for dealing with Master Chief?

Anything goes, probably Iron Man. Standard Iron Man armor... maybe Master Chief.

User Info: my_name_is_Ed

4 years ago#3
not sure. IM has technology, MC is crazy lucky
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User Info: tranceaddict19

4 years ago#4
my_name_is_Ed posted...
not sure. IM has technology, MC is crazy lucky

Pfft not even close fight....

Iron man would flying all cool, Cheif dodges and proceeds to sticky that smug mofo and then teabagg his mangled body.
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User Info: Eagles931

4 years ago#5
Iron Man obviously, this is a pretty obvious answer.
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User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#6
Damn...I read this as Iron Chef at first glance. So disappointing.
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User Info: Darksta

4 years ago#8
Are you kidding me?

Iron Man would wipe the floor with Master Chief.

By the suit alone Iron Man, without being connected to an external power source, can lift in excess of 100 tons. He has survived ground zero of a nuclear explosion. He his weapons are powerful enough to injure actual gods and otherworld beings. His intellect and mechanical skills are such that he has completely taken over alien technology for his own use after only a brief contact with them.

Hell, he beat Magneto...who controls metal.

I'm sorry but Master Chief would be utterly destroyed by Iron Man. Tony could very easily hack and over ride Master Chiefs Armor since he doesn't need to be connected into a system like Cortana does. He would probably confine Cortana by playing Iron Maiden over the Chiefs com channel. He'd then power down the suit and gloat before punching MC into Orbit.

But let's say Iron Man left Master Chiefs suit alone. Master Chief has no weapons that could actually injure tony outside of possibly an over charged point blank spartan laser, which would probably only scar the armor. Iron Man is more durable, stronger, and faster then Master Chief.

Master Chief is brave and he is lucky, but he's also been fighting against advisories of at the very least average intelligence. Tony is one of the smartest people in the marvel universe. He's the Bat Man of Marvel.

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User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#9
Even in regular armor IronMan gives Hulk and Thor a decent run, MC would lose.

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#10
CKnight posted...
Even in regular armor IronMan gives Hulk and Thor a decent run, MC would lose.

But then there's stuff like when Iron Man got smacked away like a gnat in his Hulkbuster armor, by the Hulk. And then when he got his ass kicked by Thor when Thor found out Iron Man made a clone of him.
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