Worst Addition to Halo 4?

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User Info: tranceaddict19

5 years ago#51
combat_wombat6 posted...
None of those.

None go play reach
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User Info: EddMario

5 years ago#52
The fact that one of the maps is just a reskin of another one of the maps *cough*Haven and Solace*cough*
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User Info: TruHNIC187

5 years ago#53
you forgot one. they ruined forge by allowing only 100 total objects. i feel so violated and restricted

User Info: TheMidKnight

5 years ago#54
Why isn't there an all option?

User Info: Cerbz

5 years ago#55
TheMidKnight posted...
Why isn't there an all option?
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User Info: deepshadow4125

5 years ago#56
Forgot to add Rotational Playlists.
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User Info: DuskSoul

5 years ago#57
Random weapons...took away one of my favorite things about Halo.
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User Info: Morael_Thel

5 years ago#58
I think Spartan ops just needs to be better. The only thing I think needs to be removed is the mantis, because it seems unnecessary and out of place.

User Info: Tyrannical

5 years ago#59
Stupid Promethean knights teleporting as soon as you drop their shields.
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User Info: garosa00

5 years ago#60
Everything and more should be added to the list.

Spartan ops could have been great but it's narrative is bland and cliche. The environments are exact rips off campaign and rehashed each week.

The campaign was plain and boring enough, why pro-long that experience with Palmer and crimson.
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