Should I pick this up?

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User Info: JackhammerM60

4 years ago#1
I'm low on money right now but since black Friday is coming up, I was thinking of buying this.
My main motivation is that I like getting skilled at games and competing, but thats never happened with a shooter. I would like to change that and become a Metagamer for an FPS.
I've also heard rumors (well, complaints) that this game has adopted many features from the ever popular CoD series. Since I'm used to the slow paced tactical feel of the other Halo games, would I be disappointed in this?
Lastly, I'll be a regular on this board from now on, call me Jack, or Jackham, thats what everyone else calls me (not Jackham, I just made that up).
So should I start with Halo 4?
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User Info: JonnyBoyFF

4 years ago#2
It's still slower-paced than CoD. Although it does feel more like CoD than previous games, it still plays like Halo. I say to go for it, Jackham.
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