What's Your K/D?

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User Info: Special-Edd

4 years ago#71
Slightly over 1.0 but I believe my assists total more than half of my kills.
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User Info: GollyFluff

4 years ago#72
mine is a little above 2.0. it would be higher if king of the hill, oddball and ctf weren't so hard to win and have a good k/d. i play for the objectives, i don't always just play slayer
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User Info: Wreck_Chords

4 years ago#73
It's like 1.26 right now. But ever since I finalized my loadout to my liking, a lot of my games are now over 2, rarely get below a 1.5. So now I just gotta make up for my terrible starting K/D. Not that I care anyways, it may never get up to where I want it to be solely because I play Dominion and CTF a fair amount, and I'm not focused on my K/D ratio when I play them.
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User Info: hartjh

4 years ago#74
The only K/D that does matter is your real life one. _ZM_

User Info: touyamizrahi

4 years ago#75
rubthetip posted...
MonsterHunterEx posted...
Somewhere between .6 and .8
I don't care if it goes higher than .8 since I play casually but if it goes below .6 then I get a little upset since that means I'm not really helping the team. Although if the the current team I'm on is a disorganized mess then I don't care how far it drops.

I'm at 1.4 right now.

Just so you know, .8 is the same as .6, anything below 1 is is a detriment to your team.

that's not true. can you say you'll always get a kill if someone doesn't have the assist? (if you say yes then you're an arrogant ***) my K/D i think is like 0.8 or so, but my assists are almost as high as my kills. Assists obviously being ANY of the medals awarded, assist with damage, distraction, ect. Me giving you that chance to shoot first and/or at multiple people, factors into your kills. If someone like me who prefers to support a team like that stopped playing, your K/D will start dropping fast as you're always being multi-teamed without back-up. People who have a high K/D aren't good players, it just usually means they sit back and let the first person die and then finally take the last 1-2 shots to have credit for the kill. They don't care about winning and losing as long as they have a lot of credit for "kills they earned" but didn't actually earn.
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User Info: butsizzle

4 years ago#76
I'm going to guess somewhere around 0.000000005793590874
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User Info: galv0

4 years ago#77
LinkBean posted...
People steal my kills a lot.

Steal kills or shoot at the same enemy and happen to get the kill before you?

Perhaps most of your kills were stolen from other teammates?
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User Info: Seto_Ryu

4 years ago#78
Probably a lot lower than it was two days ago when I decided I needed that green visor more than a good kdr. :(

User Info: TimelessEON

4 years ago#79
I'm at 1.51 with 117 games so I guess hats good.

User Info: goldeneye728

4 years ago#80
1.6. Better than I've done in any other Halo, and yet I have far less time to play. Weird.
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