Is Complex a "Halo Reach" level of bad map?

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  3. Is Complex a "Halo Reach" level of bad map?

User Info: cobaltlotus

5 years ago#41
Complex is one of those maps that inspires people to camp, but often times they take it to extreme levels that are above the norm.

For example, one skilled DMR user can sit on the roof in the middle of the map and hit pretty much anybody.. Put two more DMR ****s in the other ends of the map and you have some serious cross-map coverage. It's a ****ing joke.

Also, that is THE map to avoid when playing Flood.
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User Info: Jobe316

5 years ago#42
Noke0 posted...
Simple, do not play Complex on Slayer. Only objective based gametypes.

That way the map isn't boring as hell. Any other map is great though to play on though regardless of gametypes.

It's worse on most objective based games because of the wall glitch...
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User Info: biolink

5 years ago#43
Complex seems kinda on the big side for an FFA map to me.
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  3. Is Complex a "Halo Reach" level of bad map?

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