How hard is legendary here compared to the other halo games?

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  3. How hard is legendary here compared to the other halo games?

User Info: thatman6sic6

4 years ago#11
I think this one was hardest due to the spots with lots of knights and binary crawlers.... After I beat this me and my friends went and replayed all 5 starting with reach
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User Info: AdmiralTassadar

4 years ago#12
BrazenHunter076 posted...
I haven't played enough of legendary to say for sure, but a friend has assured me that it rests between Halo Reach and Halo 3.

So, for reference, the scale my friends and I use from easiest to hardest:

Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo Reach
Halo: CE
Halo 2

A lot of this list differs from person to person, however. The only thing that I would cite as an absolute fact on that list is Halo 2 being the hardest. I firmly believe that anyone who doesn't agree has either never beaten Halo 2 legendary, or used a guide on the internet to glitch through it.

EDIT: A different friend uses a similar list, but places Halo 4 as more difficult than Reach, so there you go.

I didn't think halo 2 was that hard.... AFTER THE FIRST F***ING LEVEL!! All those elites to fight with bad weapons.... Pretty sure I had to skip that one
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

4 years ago#13
My list of easiest to hardest

Halo 3 (you can run past so much stuff lol)
Halo: ODST (this game practically showers you with precision weapons, PP, and needler, which is all you really need)
Halo 4 (there's some areas that make you think, but not mind bendingly frustrating once you figure out something to trick the AI)
Halo: Reach
Halo: CE
Halo 2 (ive never beat it "properly", used terrain glitches on a few of the levels)

User Info: PAL360

4 years ago#14
I did beat all Halo games in solo legendary (except ODST), and surprisingly, i found Halo 4 to be the easiest of them all. Halo 2 and Reach were the hardest ones, in my opinion.
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