Thruster Pack needs a buff.

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User Info: Cemith

5 years ago#1
Barely half the length of the Evade AA.
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User Info: kuroigaia

5 years ago#2
I agree, but it is still very useful. So many times I've avoid being assassinated, splattered, stuck or punched in the face. In the end it's how you use it that truly brings out its usefulness.

User Info: flawed_paragon

5 years ago#3
I prefer the shorter length, but it'd be nice if it also has some kind of short knock back or something on people who were like right on you when you use it.

User Info: Cylith

5 years ago#4
It should be the way it is in SP. Chief uses it and he dashes about 5-ish feet instead of maybe 2 feet. for MP.

User Info: KandaYuu

5 years ago#5
Made a custom game with heavily reduced gravity and drastically increased movement speed. Thruster packs get you across the map now.
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User Info: incubux

5 years ago#6
agreed, i like this armor ability cause i like to dodgee, but it doesn't thrust for a long enough

User Info: _ANG3LIC_

5 years ago#7
2nd best ability, it's fine. jetpack needs a nerf is anything.
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User Info: Fade_Chokes

5 years ago#8
_ANG3LIC_ posted...
2nd best ability, it's fine. jetpack needs a nerf is anything.

Jetpack is a joke just like it was in reach. The thruster is pathetically weak because of its range.
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User Info: HighVoltage87

5 years ago#9
I agree. I think it needs to go around 1.5 as far is it currently does, and it needs to keep the player in the first person view, allowing them to still aim while boosting.
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User Info: 3starborris

5 years ago#10
i think they could buff the range, but if it goes farther at the same speed it shouldnt have invincibility frames.
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  3. Thruster Pack needs a buff.

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