Do you guys think masterchief is as iconic as mario, or sonic?

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  3. Do you guys think masterchief is as iconic as mario, or sonic?

User Info: ebullientprism

4 years ago#51
Probably as much as Sonic was back in the day, Chief is now. Maybe moreso.

Mario. No way. It's echoed in other games, Mario has been in Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Mario Tennis, Mario Soccer, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros, Mario Super 3D Land.

Even the games he's not in star Wario.
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User Info: Burning Composer

Burning Composer
4 years ago#52
Yeah, he definitely is, but with that said, he is a fairly boring I icon. Even Mario, or Link for that matter, never speak beyond a few grunts or demented laughed, yet are able to have a much more interesting personality than Master Chief.

However, despite all of that, I don't really think that he's a bad character at all. Had MC a more frivolous personality, I think that it would have taken away from the environments and atmosphere that really made the Halo games.
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User Info: MuzzyYT

4 years ago#53
No where near.

The difference is, no matter what people say, everyone likes Mario, but not everyone likes MC, he may be a badass, but that's all, he has no other characteristics.
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User Info: HeliosAscension

4 years ago#54
I think it depends more so in the generation of games. I love me some Halo but its not on the samelevel as Mario, Donkey Kong, or even Pac Man and Sonic.
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User Info: jpraelster

4 years ago#55

User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#56
I agree. After playing Halo 4. Master Chief became a superhero to me. When ever I melee. I sorta feel strongs when I see his arms hit the covenant/ Prometheans. I can't help but feel a bit strong. Plus. Master Chief is totally badass in the story and Forward Unto Dawn.

343 said they wanted Chief to feel like a superhero. Now he actually dous feel like a superhero.
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User Info: myboot

4 years ago#57
Not trying to troll here but i didn't even know who Master Chief was until I did some hardcore research. He looks like every other person in battle armor and when i saw my cousins play multiplayer, they all look like master chief in different colors
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User Info: mattman0101

4 years ago#58
No just because he's so new in the realm of video games. Mario is recognizable to nongamers and it'll take a few more Halos before MC is.
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User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#59
Lotta people don't seem to know what iconic means. Even if people you know like him and/or Halo games more, that doesn't factor in. People recognize Mario more than any video game character all over the world, and more often will know hes from video games and possibly even his name. Its no contest, Master Chief is more on the level of Kratos and people like that.

User Info: BBBanks03

4 years ago#60
No, and I seriously doubt he ever will be; at least not the name-consciousness people associate with Mario and Sonic. And for one simple reason: Mario's name is featured in every game he stars in. Same with Sonic. Halo is a big-name and is really getting there with popularity, but all that's going to do is further the iconic status of the series, not with the Chief specifically.

Even if the series continues for another 10-20 years and it's popularity continues to swell, all that's going to lead to is more and more people who don't play games recognizing the name of Halo, not Master Chief. For that reason alone MC's character will never be able to compete with Mario, or even Sonic. If things continue as they do now, Call of Duty will most likely still be a more widely-known series than Halo or the Chief.

And as someone else said, though his design is simple and effective, there are many, many other characters in games that look similar. It's very easy for his look to get lost amongst countless other character to people who don't play games.
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  3. Do you guys think masterchief is as iconic as mario, or sonic?

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