A question for people who care about K/D - what score is good/bad/etc?

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User Info: Webstedge

5 years ago#11
Anything over 1 is good. Even then, Everyone has games where they go negative

User Info: Archwing3441

5 years ago#12
1-1.5 is good enough
1.5-2 is be on my team
anything above 2 is great
below 1 is bad

I like to keep the K/D to lower scores than usual (assuming the guy plays only slayer) because Halo is a very assist based games. I've gone through games with more assists than kills but that doesn't increase my K/D so I like to think if you're slightly above 1, you get a good amount of assists.
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User Info: Groudon_Uzamaki

5 years ago#13
I was a 2 when I started, but I am like a 1.2 now just because of the absurd amounts of shaky mechanics and lag I have plus my trueskill places with me incredibly skilled players in which I have to try hard every single match just to kill once.
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User Info: hartjh

5 years ago#14
A K/D of 1 is average, actually a bit lower when you include suicides.
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User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#15
From: hartjh | #014
A K/D of 1 is average, actually a bit lower when you include suicides.

No, it doesn't work like that.
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User Info: WBH420

5 years ago#16
K/D doesn't mean a thing, I have about a 1.40 K/D atm but I also let everyone that comes to my house play on my account too. Imo you can't judge how good a person is by the in game stats.
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User Info: RichGamebuddy

5 years ago#17
I find it hilarious when people say the average K/D is around 2. By definition the mean K/D is 1 (since there are an equal amount of kills as there are deaths). Now if you mean median K/D than maybe it's more than 1, but I doubt that since the people with extremely high K/D's probably have more of an effect on the mean K/D than the people who have extremely low K/D's.

With this game K/D doesn't mean much because of the True Skill system, and the fact that it doesn't take into account things like assists, distractions, etc. My K/D isn't very "good", but that's mainly because I mostly play dominion. In dominion my goal is to get bases, stop other teams from getting bases, and harassing the other team. That often means suicide runs and shooting turrets/doors more than shooting players.
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User Info: Webstedge

5 years ago#18
first of all K/D means nothing for objective gametypes

second it's not just that you look at when judging game performance, you have to look at assists as well. Someone who goes negative on K/D but racks up tons of assists has helped their team just as much as someone who goes positive

User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#19
From: RichGamebuddy | #017
By definition the mean K/D is 1


play a 1v1. One goes 2-1, the other 1-2. 2 and 0.5. Mean is 1.25.
0.999... = 1. Deal with it. If you disagree, I'm happy to show you why you're wrong.
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User Info: jonathonriver

5 years ago#20
Another way KD is deceiving concerns who you play with. The two friends that I play slayer the most with a freaking good and get most of the kills. I do my part with lots of assists, but usually only 8 to 10 kills.

When I play on my own or with other less skilled friends I typically do much better – 20 some kills and single digit deaths.

So my KD averages between these two play types, but has no bearing on my skill
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