Why did you pick your armor?

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User Info: my_name_is_Ed

5 years ago#11
eod helmet/shoulders. operator chest.

I love eod helmet. coupled with my orange/Brown scheme, I think it looks badass. gives me a "strong silent type that you better not **** with" vibe when I look at it.

shoulders because I want the largest shoulders possible, that isn't curvy.

chest because its my spec.

I'm trying to get the largest armors possible to go with my eod helmet. as few curves and as little roundness as possible
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User Info: Raddy8

5 years ago#12
Well mostly Fotus partly because I bought the console so might as well, but most of it looks pretty awesome imo also. Shoulders are infiltrator and forearms twin-plated however.
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User Info: superh

5 years ago#13
i like master chiefs armour. It's very default and cool.

If it wasn't on the game, i would just have used default like i do in every game. Not that i like not have individuality, but i just don't give a crap about cutstomisation that is only cosmetic.
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User Info: superh

5 years ago#14
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
I've been wearing the entire Mark VI set with Legendary visor since day one and always will until Halo 5. Why? Because I can and because I didn't buy this game to play Barbie doll every 5 levels. I haven't even looked at other armor this last week, I have 78 new items.

haha im of the same opinion and i have like 100 new items also xD
"Magic doesn't exist? Oh really, then explain magic tricks you nimwit."
-Dax Flame

User Info: DrSublime

5 years ago#15
Recon helmet... been using that since Halo 3
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User Info: GetsugaVII

5 years ago#16
Orbital Helmit with a midnight visor so I look cool to twelve year olds. Oceanic shouldees because they have a neat curve to them. Black and blue color scheme because it's how I've always rolled in Halo...switch it up with Black and Yellow, Black and White, and White and Blue every now and again.

Forearms..I don't really like any of them, to be honest, so I just go with Outer Plated usually. Legs are those Narrow ones because they're freakin' beautiful. Torso is Recon because I dig the uniqueness of it.

Recruit stance because everyone has Assassin. I'll have Assault soon and haven't seen anyone with it, so looking forward to that.
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User Info: NauticalDisasta

5 years ago#17
When I got Oceanic at SR47 I wore that for a while. Felt it went well with my gamertag. Currently I'm using Wetwork armour while I work through the specialization.
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User Info: EddMario

5 years ago#18
Appearence really, maybe a theme depending what I'm feeling I want my character to look like. For example, as I post this I'm using Recruit helmet and visor, and Warrior torso, give my character that ODST look.
(Didn't see any shoulders that look at all like ODST ones)
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User Info: dragnhuntr666

5 years ago#19
Just whatever I'm in the mood for....I've worn gear to look like Grif, some to look like C.T. (Kudos if ya get the reference), and sometimes just different looks till I find the one I really like.
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User Info: Doody187

5 years ago#20
I wear the bulkiest armor I can find cause I want to look like a walking tank and I use the standard stance because I feel the others look dumb
I am mainly playing Mass Effect 3 right now...
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