Anyone feel like going back to Reach after this game?

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  3. Anyone feel like going back to Reach after this game?

User Info: NeoGeoXSega

4 years ago#1
Kinda feel Reach holds it's own against Halo 4 & has somethings Halo 4 doesn't.

Anyone else contemplating dropping Halo 4 in favor of going back to Reach?
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User Info: shadowknight93

4 years ago#2
No. Go away
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User Info: WarHead2011

4 years ago#3
idk i really don't see a point in going back to reach
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User Info: 187mike

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't drop Halo 4 completely but I wouldn't mind playing Reach again. Reach was great minus the armour lock.
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User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#5
**** no. Delete this topic now.

User Info: Raddy8

4 years ago#6
I do, but just to play it some more, not because 4 isn't fun.
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User Info: WingZero0782

4 years ago#7
Reach should've had a better story and been about MC and the Spartan II's.

Fun game though.
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User Info: Sergei_Dukanov

4 years ago#8
I do.....I dont really like halo 4. if anything I really miss halo 3. But if they add more scorpion maps, then maybe I will like this game a little more
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User Info: h0b0jo3

4 years ago#9
no way in hell
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User Info: tarzanmx

4 years ago#10
I liked Reach's campaign because of how I could make the main character look as I pleased, and I all in all enjoyed most of the game. I'd go back to it to play campaign again, but that's about it.
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  3. Anyone feel like going back to Reach after this game?

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