the maps are the worst part of this game

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  3. the maps are the worst part of this game

User Info: mozzyman

5 years ago#1
this is just my opinion but does anyone else feel like the maps are the weakest aspect of this game.. I can't believe how bored I am of these maps already and it really makes me miss some of the maps from past halos... game is still a lot of fun tho
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User Info: Orange_Apple

5 years ago#2
Too bad the file share isn't working. I've seen some decent remakes of old maps on forge.
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User Info: Beidha

5 years ago#3
Better than Reach's, but definitely not comparable to 2's and CE's.
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User Info: Visibility

5 years ago#4
I don't think it's the maps you hate. It's probably just the lack of maps, aka, the same 2-3 maps being picked over and over.
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  3. the maps are the worst part of this game

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