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Sigh its so hard to carry in team slayer

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User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#11
SterlingFox posted...
NovaLevossida posted...
SterlingFox posted...
cyborg9 posted...
Playing with a friend and myself just us 2.. I go like 16-6 and my buddy goes like 12-5 and we have douche bags that go 2-/22 and 6/16 wtf. Anyone wanna play tomorrow team slayer I rarely go negative

But you still do?

There's a large difference between going negative and going horribly negative, if that's the direction you were headed in.

I don't blame you for your skepticism, but isn't it sad when we all instantly assume that people are going to skew things horribly and be overwhelmingly hostile for pretty much no reason?

The direction I was going in is this:
If his general score is 16/6, then its an enormous difference to go negative. It just lends to the thought that perhaps 16/6 is an exaggeration.

Might be, might not. To be honest, I play a lot of the Slayer equivalent in Battlefield 3 alongside the objective modes, and plenty of people have ridiculously low scores like that. There's usually at least one person in the game with a terrible spread. I really can't fathom how you can actually go that low unless you're playing the series for the first time (which may very well be the case in Halo 4 here).
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