Funniest gamertag you've seen i Halo 4 thus far?

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User Info: SAMCROftw

5 years ago#1
iFarted in HD

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

5 years ago#2
Yanni Oblivion

User Info: Kage-No_Kaze

5 years ago#3
Didn't see it in 4 but I did see this one in Reach: GayButtSnack

User Info: Cereal4you

5 years ago#4
Not right meow
A random guy, funny to Mr cause it would say you kllled a random guy or a random guy killed you.

A halo player

A bad player.

User Info: bkchickenboy

5 years ago#5
I believe in reach I saw Mitt Raamney, pretty clever gears reference.

User Info: djshowstopper87

5 years ago#6
The funniest gamertags I have seen so far are, "A Butt That Farted" , "Slappy T!ts, and HaloGayboyxxx.

User Info: gamerfreak121

5 years ago#7
What do you mean it's not symbolic?!

User Info: Governator00

5 years ago#8
Dwnldble Content

I laughed so hard. SO HARD.
Nothings right with you if nothings wrong with you.

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
5 years ago#9
White Landowner.

Easily one of the funniest, if not the funniest, names I've seen.
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User Info: DeadCeIIScout

5 years ago#10
Brace yourself, bandwagon Broncos fans are coming.
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