Funniest gamertag you've seen i Halo 4 thus far?

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User Info: UnboundAbyss

5 years ago#61

my friends and i died laughing
Why should you care if someone has what you have if looks cool to you? oh right you wanna be a special snowflake. :l - shawn10000000

User Info: Mumble_

5 years ago#62
Halo 1 and 2 must have been fantastic since there were still a lot of really good gamertags available.
Unce unce unce wub wub wub woop woop

User Info: Wandering__Hero

5 years ago#63

You have been killed by Cancer
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User Info: AnubisGhost

5 years ago#64
the gamertag I liked most is this one


"you killed MeMan" and so on

User Info: fineline122

5 years ago#65
Never saw it, but heard about it:


User Info: fineline122

5 years ago#66
Also: MyMomLovesAnal

User Info: SKYR1M

5 years ago#67
I remember a Rick Ross's Belt in Halo 3. It was funny because Rick Ross is fat.
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User Info: BlueRunway05

5 years ago#68
A mental child.

I saw this when I was playing CTF. He wasn't good.
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User Info: MetaIGearRex

5 years ago#69
Velvet Sack

User Info: yomamma297

5 years ago#70
Oprahs 3rd nut
Poopy Moses
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  3. Funniest gamertag you've seen i Halo 4 thus far?

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