Funniest gamertag you've seen i Halo 4 thus far?

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User Info: haloiscoolisbak

5 years ago#91
Fat Baby Eater

User Info: NoBearsAllowed

5 years ago#92
Song Lyrics

User Info: YellowPurple

5 years ago#93
My friends GT is BillyIdolsHair. I actually came up with the name for him, should've taken it for myself instead.

User Info: ultimatevyse

5 years ago#94

User Info: bd0g5

5 years ago#95
I like turtles

User Info: iFryMudkips

5 years ago#96

User Info: Vyyk

5 years ago#97
Kakkay posted...
Back in my Halo 2 days, I played a guy called "Cancer."

You were killed by Cancer.

Looking at it now, it's not funny at all. But back when I was a young teenager? Priceless.

Pretty sure I played the same guy in crimson skies.
"General Skywalker embraces Han Solo, the underground contact.Han is a huge,
green skinned monster with no nose and large gills."

User Info: Tbon110

5 years ago#98
I played with a guy named BilboMyBaggins. I have no idea why, but I burst out laughing when I first saw it. It's still one of the funniest names I've seen on live on this day.
The greatest evil is the indifference of good men.

User Info: Velvet_Llama

5 years ago#99
Based upon this thread it would seem that poop jokes are absolutely hilarious to a majority of gamefaqs users. Color me shocked.
This space reserved for future witty comment.
Maybe it can be yours!!!! (Probably not).

User Info: zerox3934

5 years ago#100
King of Negroes
Xbox360 GT / Steam ID: Zero3934
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