Trading Locus helmet for Fotus armor or others

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User Info: imissedtoilet

4 years ago#1
I have multiple copies of the Lotus helmet in Halo 4 because I've been able to get them through the iphone app. I'm willing to trade some of them for Fotus armor sets or something else. I'll also throw in a premium theme, Bulletproof emblem, and double xp code. Please email me at

User Info: Exu

4 years ago#2
Can't see anyone doing that, except for that one guy in that other thread. Hydro... something.
I'm the squash for your juice,
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User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

4 years ago#3
pm me

User Info: frylewis

4 years ago#4
Two Minecraft accounts for the Locus Armour?

User Info: CommandoDino91

4 years ago#5
Will anyone please give me a code I can't get them so anyone have a working code

User Info: BedBathAndFlood

4 years ago#6
I have a few extra codes laying around some i think you may be interested in are a 14 day free xbox live code, the gamestop hazop forest camo armor/ battle rifle along with the gamestop exclusive emblem pack, i have the war games premium theme that came with preordering the game aswell if you're interested let me know

User Info: CommandoDino91

4 years ago#7
If anyone has an extra locus or fotus armor.

User Info: Jombahead

4 years ago#8
i have a fotus that im willing to trade for 2 locus codes.

User Info: SonicSHark98

4 years ago#9
I'll trade you a web skin for a locus code. Add me on xbox live (SonicShark98), or pm me here. Thanks.
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  3. Trading Locus helmet for Fotus armor or others

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