How much bigger were the maps in previous Halo games?

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User Info: deathmyrk

5 years ago#1
I only owned Combat Evolved and 2 before Halo 4, but heard that these maps are lacking compared to Halo 3 and Reach. Did I make a HUGE mistake by purchasing Halo 4 and should have picked up the other two instead?
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User Info: Prototype909

5 years ago#2
It's not an issue of size.

User Info: wesker741

5 years ago#3
Compared to Reach? No, they aren't lacking.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 years ago#4
I'd say the lack of maps is the issue
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User Info: SirenHunter

5 years ago#5
sonicteam2k1 posted...
I'd say the lack of maps is the issue

User Info: Echoe_AC

5 years ago#6
Halo 2 had the most interesting maps that had some sort of unique attribute. Halo 3 had the best maps over all. Reach's were terribly, terribly lacking and Bungie should be ashamed of themselves. This ones maps are pretty cool, although its classic microsoft to withhold content and sell it later even though its already been made.

User Info: pookiejin

5 years ago#7
fewer maps and the same-y feet to many of them. none of them stand out besides the throwbacks.

here's hoping that 343i has some nice new maps in store.

User Info: Gaebora_Kaepora

5 years ago#8
Doesn't Halo 4 have more maps than what Reach had at launch (so no dlc)?

I remember like 5 original maps and 4 or something god awful forge maps they put together. Man those were sketchy

I really like most of the maps in Halo 4 and don't find them lacking or anything
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User Info: deathmyrk

5 years ago#9
I am assuming they should release more maps with their Season Packs/Passes (whatever the hell those things are). Time will tell if there are more offered. I like most of the maps, just the variety is the problem. I guess on a positive note it will give me due practice for later installments/additions to Halo 4.
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User Info: zhilo3

5 years ago#10
No map in this can compare to the size of some of Halo 3's maps, they were f***ing huge! Go and check out Sandtrap and Avalanche, those were the 2 biggest maps in Halo 3 and they are my absolute favourite maps.
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