Just had my best game. What's yours?

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User Info: TwoandaHoffman

5 years ago#1
36-6 Team Slayer at Haven. 66 medals.

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User Info: Elprede007

5 years ago#2
Played game of regicide and was king whole game until i won, even got a reign of terror.
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User Info: Willmatic

5 years ago#3
22-0 my second game.

User Info: warior55

5 years ago#4
My best K/D wise was 17-1, but my best spread was 35-3
Halo 4

User Info: Materia-Keeper

5 years ago#5
Ever was in Reach, went 50 against a team of 4 in slayer. My team quit before round started. Just lucked out the ones I played with were terrible.
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User Info: Ubergrim3

5 years ago#6
My very first game I went something like 24-4. It's all been downhill from there. Seems to happen with every new Halo game I play.
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User Info: IcyBlaze_XZ

5 years ago#7
37-5 Team Slayer at Haven. 67 medals.

User Info: ocelot51

5 years ago#8
My best spread in a game was 31-3 in Big Team Infinity Slayer, but that game was boring.

What I think was my best was in Dominion on Exile, when I held off two assaults on Bravo by myself, getting two Overkill medals in the process. (Went like 19-10 that game if spread matters to you)
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User Info: BansheeNTDmode

5 years ago#9
58-3 bts ragnarok
68 medals
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User Info: StitchRS

5 years ago#10
29-8 on Exile, Big Team Slayer.
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