Hey guys, remember the launch carbine from H3?

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  3. Hey guys, remember the launch carbine from H3?

User Info: SterlingFox

5 years ago#61
ShadowEspionage posted...
Thank you for pointing out how I completely overlooked that false piece of information.

SterlingFox must have typed that on accident. Or at least I hope so.

By all means, you're welcome to challenge my results.

I encourage people to put my results to the test, and in fact if you'd like I have a weapons testing map on my fileshare if you'd like to check my work yourself.
Go to a map and test it yourself, then come back with your results. It'll lead us to greater information and understanding.

But after 2 hours of testing, I can confidently say that the Carbine fires as fast as you can pull down on the trigger. I look forward to comparing our results, sir.
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User Info: Driice420

5 years ago#62
I'm always killing kids with my DMR

User Info: ZERO_X02

5 years ago#63
343 needs to release the usage rates for the starting rifles. I'm feeling pretty confident that a disproportionately large percentage of people use the DMR, which would indicate that something about the gun is leading players to prefer the DMR over the BR,Carbine,and Lightrifle (and it's definitely gameplay related).

Anyone that played ME3 online can attest to this logic. Bioware revealed that over half of all the characters played on the Gold difficulty were Infiltrators. Their solution: nerf the Infiltrators. The result: more class diversity in the multiplayer. Some people stuck with their class, but once the advantages levied to the Infiltrators were normalized with every other class, the percent usage rate for Infiltrators dropped off into the 30% range (in a game with 6 classes, this made more sense than over 50%).
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User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#64
Duwstai posted...
I really hope the crybabies dont make them nerf the DMR.

Halo has finally gotten back to its roots with a decent utility weapon, that kills fast and works from long range.

Dont ruin people. Adapt.

no all weapons need to function well it needs alot more bloom and an a tiny rof nerf
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  3. Hey guys, remember the launch carbine from H3?

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