Lovin' Regicide

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User Info: Moukaryuu

4 years ago#1
I really, really suck at it, but it's a lot of fun. I love how hectic it gets. Also scored my first air assassination, then proceeded to get ground assassinated upon landing, lol.
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User Info: Squareenixfreak

4 years ago#2
Yup it's pretty fun than team deathmatch where 4 of enemy stay together hold hand camper waiting for some poor soul ran into them XD

User Info: HighOnPhazon

4 years ago#3
Regicide is pretty fun, I agree. I suck too but sometimes it's much more fun to be in a hectic game of FFA than against a team of campers in 4v4 Slayer.

BTW though, with a group of friends that work together, Big Team Slayer is probably the best mode IMO
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User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#4
I go on Regicide to get assassinations. Everyone's blindly rushing the King, it's easy to get a few every match.
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