What's happening with this game right now?

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User Info: SeraphLance

4 years ago#11
- Spawning without any Armor Abilities until you die

- Sprint not working when match begins

Happened to me twice ever. These two came together in both instances.

- Map power weapons suddenly changing into grenades when you try to pick them up

This happens semi-frequently to me, and not just grenades. Spartan lasers turning into needlers, snipers turning into DMRs... it's really annoying.

- Stats not updating properly. Some games aren't recorded.

Haven't experienced this.

- Host migrations that take FOREVER and some ending up with the game booting everyone off and restarting match from beginning

- Loadouts and armor customization all resetting to default

This happens in pretty much every Halo game, so I don't notice it to any special degree. Host migrations reset everything. They reset loadouts in reach, and reset weapon spawns in the other Halos. Nothing new there.

- Lag that just kills you, literally. Host migration initiates, game starts, enemy is suddenly behind me and assassinates me. Ghost slams into wall 20 feet ahead of me, I shoot at it, disappears only to suddenly be in front of me and splat me.

Never experienced this one either.
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User Info: bearded_moose

4 years ago#12
i have. myself and 2 friends simply spawned dead. couldn't figure out wtf had happened.
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User Info: alkahsu

4 years ago#13
The lag is horrible in this game. The whole MM system is a mess which sucks because the gameplay is actually pretty fun ( a lot better than Reach, but that's not saying much since Reach was garbage). And I know it's not my connection because it happens to everyone in the game, not just me, and I never had any problems with Reach.
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User Info: ShineGamer

4 years ago#14
only ever had the host migration one but that happened in all of the halo games and it happens the least in this one so far. I just leave and find a new game.
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User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#15
Most likely, your issue is being caused by high ping (even if your connection rocks, the game could repeatedly be pairing you with overseas opponents/teammates and no amount of connection speed changes the fact that extremely long distances can cause issues quite easily when improperly anticipated) and temporarily losing connection to the host.

Probably the distance between you and your opponents is causing severe lag. Apparently the Americas, Europe, etc., are thrown together for matches, and being in a lobby where you're the host (let's assume US) but everyone else in the lobby is Australian is a problem since the distance between the two countries creates latency issues that's a recipe for frustration due to that alone (no amount of connection speed can change the fact that high ping sucks). Or, vice verse, an Australian can be the host and also give you a bad time. It doesn't matter who is the host, when the code can't properly predict player movement due to latency interruptions, you're gonna have a bad time.
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User Info: Icefrio

4 years ago#16
Couple things I've had happen..

-The Y button will stop working in menus (works fine otherwise, it's not my controller cause other players on the same 360 will have it happen too) which means no switching loadouts

-Sometimes camo will break. This has happened in spartan ops and in mutliplayer for me. The blue squares that normally show up no longer do, and instead I only see the one for the actual player even if they're not moving and using camo. Makes it really easy to locate them.

-Ordinance markers stop working/are incorrect/get stuck and continually tell me that my weapon is "incoming"

-Couple instances where the Ghost will flip the **** out and go flying straight into the air. That happened in Reach though, sometimes.

-Pretty bad framerate drops on some larger maps. Not all the time, just once in a while a map will decide to run at about 15 FPS for the whole match.

A couple my friends have had...

-Spawning with no weapons (I think they could still shoot, but they had to swap weapons a few times)

-Having loadouts reset/no loadouts available.

It's weird, it almost seems like different glitches happen on different 360s.

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#17
I've been getting dropped matches, frequent host problems and sever connection problems very often for the past couple days. Add in garbage JIP and I'm starting to get irritated.

User Info: vogelkacke

4 years ago#18
most of the stuff happens when the host has a crappy connection

User Info: koichi

4 years ago#19
bearded_moose posted...
i have. myself and 2 friends simply spawned dead. couldn't figure out wtf had happened.


Edit: hyperlinks now O_o
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User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#20
Number one and two happen to me the most. It's usually after a host migration and it sucks when it happens, especially when you've got a power weapon. I've only ever had my loadouts reset once and that was on the day after release. Lag isn't an issue most of the time, when it shows up though, that's when the game gets ugly. Rubber banding and insta-deaths isn't fun, and I just leave those lobbies.
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