what is the thruster pack good for?

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User Info: Aribar_Hunter

4 years ago#31
Thrust off ledges. You'll get to the ground faster and be able to shoot your gun sooner. Use it to be unpredictable against Spartan Lasers and Binary Rifles.
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User Info: Pokemon_Rocker

4 years ago#32
I tried to assassinate this one guy, the thrusted backwards and to the side in a diagnal move. So I ended up hit the air. Before I knew it, he beat me down. I was in shock.
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User Info: PatchTuesday

4 years ago#33
It's just a bad version of Evade from Reach.

Now, I'll admit as someone who used Evade every time it was available that Evade was slightly ridiculous. Everything Sprint could do in Reach, Evade could do better, and then some. And aside from using it in mid-air, everything Thruster Pack can do, Evade could do better. It doesn't need to be quite as awesone as Evade was, but Thruster Pack really is worthless as it is.
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User Info: H2010H

4 years ago#34
Saved my ass multiple times. Getting behind cover when shields popped. Dodging grenades. Dodging assassinations. Dodging vehicles. Dodging shotguns. My personal favorite dodging punches.

Confuses the hell out of players when up close. It's the only AA I really use.
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User Info: BryanPS360

4 years ago#35
It's good for dodging vehicle splatters.

User Info: Garviel_Lokan

4 years ago#36
Oni Seraph posted...
From: Garviel_Lokan | #025
When ever I use it forward I get the impression I would go just as fast running.

Yeah sprinting is far faster for forward, but its better for backwards and sideways movement. Its still terribly situational, it needs more range/faster recharge to be on par with the other skills IMO.

Thanks for clearing that up.
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User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#37
zerobobo posted...

User Info: GetsugaVII

4 years ago#38
When timed perfectly the invincibility frames can be used to go through grenades and take no damage. I've managed to get stuck and survive by thrusting at the right moment(only happened twice, so it could've just been lag.)

Can be used to aid Ninjas.

Can be used to feint in ways other than the corner turn. I sometimes jump out of cover, throw a grenade and then instantly thrust back into cover, not having to waste time with the full grenade throw animation.

Can be used to stay in an elevator longer and thus screw up the timing of a camper waiting above.

Can be used to cancel the momentum of a man cannon and land somewhere not intended.

If you Thrust off a ledge you drop WAY faster.

That one burst of speed can be all it takes to dodge a Ghost/Sword Swing and win the encounter.

Paired with Speed Boost it is absolutely brilliant. Sword/Shotgun/Scattershot with Speed Boost and Thruster is so much damn fun.

Just adds mobility in general and aids escapes. I'm a sucker for mobility, hence why I run Mobility/AA Efficiency and Dexterity. It's alll for us who believe in the power of positioning. Alot of pros run Thruster Pack for a reason, it's not nearly as useless as people think. It's my favorite Armor Ability, with Hardlight Shield and Promethean Vision right behind. I pick my ability according to the map. Thruster is a useless piece of s*** on most huge ass maps, imo, but I will swear by it on Haven or Adrift. Saves my life incredibly frequently.
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User Info: AfterRedemption

4 years ago#39
GetsugaVII posted...
the power of positioning.

This is exactly what the thruster pack is good for.

User Info: Garviel_Lokan

4 years ago#40
I nearly exclusively run regeneration field.
To this day.... we still dont know...... WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!?
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