The overall multiplayer skill level has gone down since Halo 3

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  3. The overall multiplayer skill level has gone down since Halo 3

User Info: Duwstai

5 years ago#11
Whenever a new game comes out there are tons of terrible players ie the casual fans that bought the hot new game. It will take a while for your tru skill to start ranking you with better players.

Also, skill cap has been lowering since CE. CE was one of the most skill intensive console shooters ever. Halo 2 didn't take nearly as much skill, but still a lot. Halo 3 took a lot less than 2.

H4 is actually the first game in the series to buck that downward trend by taking more skill than reach... not that that is difficult.

User Info: goldeneye728

5 years ago#12
AnderZx202 posted...
plus, you played most of the halo games..i can tell you that there are lots of people on halo that never even played halo 3, i know a few that just got an xbox and halo.
also a lot of "young" players are getting the game, i've been in numerous games where there is one or a bunch of 9-10 year olds just camping around vehicle spawns and trash talking teammates. So basically there are more new players and younger players so the skill level might be lower. my 2 cents.

^ Yeah this. I'm with you TC, I got destroyed regularly in Halo 2. Got better in 3. Was really good in Reach and even better in 4. I think there are a lot of new kids playing that are at the same point in the learning curve where we were in 2005. They have a long way to go if you think about it. We really SHOULD be better than them.

User Info: brawl4fun

5 years ago#13
RayzerTag posted...
Everytime a new batch of inexperienced players enter, somewhat reseting the skill level. Meanwhile, you have been gaining experience since 2.
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User Info: darren19822000

5 years ago#14
youve played halo since 2 what do you expect? it took me about a month to be good in halo2 as well. ever since then ive never been bad. even after a 2 year layoff form xbox i was tearing it up when i came back.

dont foget that you have first timers playing, and soon you will see the xmas noobs too
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  3. The overall multiplayer skill level has gone down since Halo 3

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