Best halo level ever. Of all time.

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User Info: mattman0101

5 years ago#41
Protoman_X38 posted...
My favorites from each game

Halo CE: Silent Cartographer (Love all the levels though, the only real weak one is the first)
Halo 2: Outskirts/Metropolis
Halo 3: The Covenant
Halo Reach: Long Night of Solace (Thought they were all good though)
Halo 4: Reclaimer

Wow I was about to type the same thing. Loved Silent Cartographer and especially enjoyed Outskirts on Halo 2. Although I do like a lot of the Arbiter levels in Halo 2 as well.
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User Info: Fluvio89

5 years ago#42
Assault on The Control Room, hands down.

Honorable mentions: the Great Journey, Two Betrayals, Silent Cartographer, New Mombasa & Highway, The Maw
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User Info: Sgt_Foley

5 years ago#43
Pretty much all of Reach for me, but a specific level would have to be Lone Wolf. That is pretty much a perfect example of gameplay and story tying into each other.
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User Info: airsoft246

5 years ago#44
I can't remember specifics for all of them, but:
-Silent cartographer
-The final level of halo 3 with the mongoose (Halo?)
-The halo 3 level with the double scarabs and halo trigger (the covenant?)
-The first battle with the scarab in halo 3, next to the cliff
-The 2nd to last/last levels of reach (final battle then lone wolf)
-New Mombasa
-The opening of halo 2 when fighting across the bridge in a scorpion
-Some arbiter levels, don't remember the names
- the leading up to when u reach the final battle with Tartarus in 2 (the battle was ok)
- sword base in reach wasn't bad

I could probably think of more
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User Info: DrEchoKnight

5 years ago#45
Hmm... kind of saddens me that the ones that jump to my mind instantly are all from CE. Although H3 had some great ones too. Anyway

1. Silent Cartographer - Awesome one shot adventure. Able to explore an entire island, awesome intro LZ clear (And as we all know from 4, Chief is famous for clearing LZs)
2. Assault on the Control Room - Let me introduce you to Mr. Scorpion
3. Two Betrayals - "Final Run" on legendary co-op with my best friend back in school is still one of my favorite gaming memories of all time.
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User Info: someguy28898

5 years ago#46
Velvet_Llama posted...
I don't know the name, but that level in Reach where you're flying around in a hornet helping with the evacuation of the city as the covenant moves in. I like it because there's just a little bit of everything.

User Info: DrEchoKnight

5 years ago#47
Oh and The Maw - Incredibly epic feeling climax. You really felt like you were responsible for the over the top ending.
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User Info: Go2Church

5 years ago#48
I have to say The Covenant (Halo 3)

But Midnight in this game is AWESOME.
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User Info: Food_Nipple

5 years ago#49
Gotta go with the last level from Halo 2. When Master Chief escapes installation 05 by sneaking aboard that forerunner ship and ends up back in earth's orbit, that perfect combination of stealth and action leading up to him getting ejected from the ship just inches away from killing the last prophet was the greatest thing I've ever...oh...right...

User Info: Davey Havok

Davey Havok
5 years ago#50
Complex. Best evar, esp for 4v4
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