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User Info: Lionheart_ps

4 years ago#1
***Please note that all of these FAQs and Tips will be specifically referring to "Infinity Slayer" playlist. Most or all of these can still be applied in other Playlists, but for the sake of how many playlists there are and the popularity of the basic slayer playlist i'll be referencing "Infinity Slayer". I hope you find this helpful!***


What's the best gun for my loadout!?

All loadout guns, whether they are the DMR or Light Rifle are all balanced really well. The best way to find out what works best for you is either try spartan ops or a custom game and play around with each. Find out which gun "feels" the best for you. It might take time. So be patient with yourself :)

I keep getting out gunned even though we both have the same weapon! WTF!?

Odds are you're missing buddy. Don't get angry. Study why you're missing. Is your sensitivity too high/low, was the other enemy jumping around like a rabbit, were you standing still, are you aiming for the head, etc. There are a lot of factors that can apply here. Laugh at your mistakes and learn from them. Remember to stay in control of your emotions. Being cool can make sure your thinking straight and being ready to make the right choices.

No matter how many kills I get, I still get more deaths than kills. :(

You're probably playing too aggressive. Don't run into the middle of the map. Play with the map and keep your distance and run if you need to.

Hardlight Shield sux. Why would anyone use it?

Hardlight shield's main purpose is either to distract or delay your death. You don't get any form of advantage from turning off your hardlight shield. Use it to when you know you're about to lose the fight to last longer so that a nearby team mate can get the guy killing you. Hardlight should be used a distraction in a big battle as well. If it's a small room and there is a 3v3 fight happening, the one with the hardlight shield should pop it up and have team mates use it as cover. You'll get distraction points and even some assists. Remember assists are better than pointless deaths. :D

Holograms are so damn annoying! I keep wasting so much ammo shooting them.

Holograms follow irregular patterns that a normal player would never do. Pay attention. If you do actually shoot the hologram watch the animation. Also holograms don't shoot, so if you see a dude moving towards you clearly something is up.

Grenades are so weak now. Like plasma grenades are only good to stick now.

Yes, they have nerfed grenades. Are they useless? Not even close. Learn to use grenades for what they are used for, a secondary tactic. Use it to keep distance from enemies, to get away, or to spam in a general camping area. Don't use grenades as a main way to kill enemies or you'll be dying left, right, and center.

There are red dots on my map but I don't see any enemies near me!!

Any form of movement other than crouching will show up on nearby radars. Due to the many maps in Halo 4 having multiple levels now whether you are close to enemy but a floor below or above, the red dot on your radar will change picture accordingly. Learn to use that to figure out who's around you.

I keep getting double teamed and it's freaking annoying!!!!!

Don't split up far from your team! Halo is a team based game. People seem to forget that getting the most points is second to winning. Stay close to team mates and cover their back, then you'll be the one double teaming and kicking ass. ;)

My team mates are all a bunch of n00b kill steals! I do all the damage and they get the final shot!!

You're assisting the team regardless. Does it suck if you don't get that kill? Yeah. But at least you're not dead. Remember if you win you still get a lot more points towards leveling and this game isn't so huge into K/D ratio as long as you're helping your team. I'll say it again assists are better than deaths. :)

User Info: Lionheart_ps

4 years ago#2
Whats the point of all these loadouts? I only use one the entire game.

USE YOUR OTHER LOADOUTS!! Make new ones that work for different situations. When you die learn from your mistake, adapt to the new situation which means you might have to change your loadout. Even if you don't use them, they are there and ready. So make them.

Why is there a button layout called fishstick?

I believe it's a COD insult actually. There is an episode of a TV show called "South Park" where there was a joke "Do you like Fishsticks?" "Yeah" "Do you like Fishsticks in you mouth?" "Yeah, they're pretty good"... "What are you a gay fish?" The whole point of the joke is that Fishsticks is a play on words as when you say it out loud it sounds like Fish Dicks. The reason I think it's a COD insult is because "Fishstick" layout is similar to the same button layout as COD.



That sounds like a no brainer but really it isn't. When you play the maps you'll memorize them for sure, but you need to understand what you can do to use it to your advantage. Find quick escapes and quick shortcuts. You'll be surprised what you can do in a map other than run and shoot.

Know when to run

It takes a strong person to know when they'll lose. Take it the situations and factors at hand and whether you'll win this or not. Did he shoot me first? Am I missing? Did I get his by his grenade? If know then just escape. Use your grenades if you have any as a distraction. Assists are better than deaths!!!!

Use your radar, but don't trust your life with it.

The radar is such a key factor now in Halo's multiplayer. Multitask by always being aware of what is on your radar and what is on your screen. But remember to trust what you see more than what the radar sees.


Crouching is so useful! Especially if people are following the above tip. Shoot enemies then running away and hiding with crouch can really be good for a surprise attack.


Learn to shoot and jump at the same time. It changes the game so much. So many things can happen when jumping. Confusing the enemy, getting a better view at their head or even just to dodge a grenade. Be the bunny.

Assault Rifles for close range.

Assault Rifles and their alien counterparts are so strong for small rooms. Don't underestimate them. Most of the time if you are in range of one and you have a BR, you'll lose.


Don't take all of the power weapons. You can only use one at a time so one of the two will always not be in use. If you can make sure you can give the second one to a team mate.

Assassinations are usually a bad thing.

Assassinations take way too long (if you're specialized then you can disregard this). Unless it's completely open and no one is around it's almost always better to just go for the beat down kill. But if you want to risk it to get those sweet animations then i'll understand ;)

Don't always go for a sticky grenade kill.

I've been in games where most of the enemy team went for a plasma grenade stick every chance they get. First off you have to be really accurate, second, since your throwing and not shooting you give the other player a gun advantage, third, even if you stick someone it doesn't blow up right away, so you'll probably die too.

I know most of these tips and FAQs are from common sense, but I still see people doing these mistakes over and over again. Whether this helps you or not I hope you enjoyed reading it!

User Info: Lionheart_ps

4 years ago#3
If you guys have useful tips as well please feel free to add on! :D

User Info: 12345sniperz123

4 years ago#4
Oh, when did the DMR get balanced?
"It was plenty warm and I was farting continuously under the sheet, creating a kind of greenhouse effect." -Dwight

User Info: Lionheart_ps

4 years ago#5
I've never had an issue beating someone with a DMR with my BR.

User Info: 12345sniperz123

4 years ago#6
Lionheart_ps posted...
I've never had an issue beating someone with a DMR with my BR.

Your own experience is your indicator? You should pull information from multiple sources when talking about things, there's a crap load of threads comparing weapons and I believe one in particular saying the DMR needs a 'tweak'.
"It was plenty warm and I was farting continuously under the sheet, creating a kind of greenhouse effect." -Dwight

User Info: Sikarios

4 years ago#7
I approve except for one thing.

Going for the assassination is ALWAYS worth it :-D
GameFAQs has a strong presence of stupid. - TheGamerPenguin
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