What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

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User Info: Chariloe

5 years ago#31
Any successful one is just awesome to look at. Also, just the way that the announcer says the word ASSASSINATION with enthusiasm just puts a smile on my face.
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User Info: originlucario9

5 years ago#32
The one where both people Melee and they both go flying in kid air. Doesn't occur a lot though.

User Info: Guide

5 years ago#33
When two or more of the enemy team are hunting for me, and I still mow them down. sticky>noob combo>run for power weapon>TRIPLE KILL!
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User Info: TheIastspartan

5 years ago#34
Railgun. One of my favorite new weapons. So satisfying to see an explosion occur where you're aiming in a split second as it sends an opponent flying through the air.

User Info: phillyeagles123

5 years ago#35
Assassinations, multi-kills, no-scopes, vehicle sticks, you know.

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

5 years ago#36
Assassinations and perfect hits with the railgun or spartan laser, bonus if the person comes out from cover to meet it with perfect timing.

Had one the other day, charging up the laser as I see someone on the radar, turn to the door, they pop out of it just as the laser goes off in their face.

User Info: WhiteHusky84

5 years ago#37
1. Dropping from high into an assassination
2. Instant double kill splatter in a vehicle when enemies decide to clump together.
3. Sniping someone out of midair after using a gravity jump.
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User Info: eli_loves_ddr

5 years ago#38
Plasma Pistol + BR. Halo 2 nostalgia.

User Info: MonsterHunterEx

5 years ago#39
Assassinations, Vehicle kills, and sticky-kill from the grave-revenge. Nothing says FU more than sticking the person just before they kill you then getting those three medals. It's even better if you get a multi-kill outa it. Oh and sticking people while cloaked as they run past you.

User Info: NovaLevossida

5 years ago#40
Grenade kills from the grave when running the perk for increased grenade power. I always lob a grenade when I know I'm going to die, can't kill the attacker(s), and can't get to cover.
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